Automatically Save and Crack Flash Games, Movies and Videos

Extract Flash files content with Movies Extractor Scout

 Sometimes you need to save on your hard disk various types of Flash files (games, movies or videos) or certain parts of their content such as text, images, sounds, HTML source code or anything else they could contain.

The Flash files cannot be saved directly from a web browser window by simply employing the Save As browser option. Even more, it is generally considered that text and images embedded in Flash files are safe from being copied or reproduced. But using Flash decompilers, any Flash file can be decomposed in its initial parts.

If you are new to Flash and you cannot find enough examples or you just want to save a Flash file on your computer, Movies Extractor Scout Windows application might help you. It is a very simple tool that will allow you to manage various aspects concerning the saving and cracking Flash files.

When you want to get the content from a Flash file, first open it in your Internet Explorer browser, let it play until the end, then employ the Movies Extractor Scout to save it. In this way, you will be able to save your favorite Flash games or movies from YouTube or Google Video to play them offline.

If you need certain text or images from the saved Flash file, then you must select the appropriate option to get them using the Movies Extractor Scout main menu. The images are automatically saved and there is also the possibility to edit them by selecting certain filters or effects. The extracted text can be transferred to your favorite text editor with a simple copy – paste operation. Any movie frame can also be saved as an image file of certain type, such as .bmp, .jpeg, .png and more.

Movies Extractor Scout is a very useful tool for saving and decompiling Flash files in order to extract images or text that you can use for other purposes. It will save you a lot of time, because multiple actions can be performed only with a touch of a button. You can also rapidly increase your Flash files resources with this Windows tool.

Via Softpedia


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