Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Unboxing Pictures

Nokia 5610 really looks great and sleek. Here are the set of pictures of the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic which you can view.

🙂 Nokia



  1. Hi

    Nokia 5610 Internal memory is 20 MB. What is the ROM size? And what is the processor speed …MHz?

    Thanks for your reply

  2. Hemachandiran,

    The processor speed of the Nokia 5610 is around 234MHZ(Jbenchmark). Still same with the Nokia 5310 and Nokia 5300. It is typical for an Series 40 phone to have a less RAM not much higher than 5MB.


  3. Helo

    i have a friend who has N70 ME. With her phone, i can play my downloaded videos (3gp, mp4) without degrading its quality and its resolution. If i want to play it on my phone (5300), the file cannot be read. so i still need to resize it to 176×144, which is so small, low quality with pixel boxes noticeable, and the most annoying of all, its full screen mode is not really a full screen haha. there are white bars at both sides. the real full screen is only possible with 128×96, but it’s the pixels are more noticeable.

    with nokia 5610, what is the maximum video resolution that can be played there?


  4. Gustokonyan,

    In terms of video quality, Nokia 5610 does excel here. It’s definitely better than N70 as this was a big improvement over the Nokia 5300.

    BTW, the N5610 can play almost all sizes from QCIF, QVGA and up to VGA(640×480) which is the largest so far. I think you won’t be encountering any problem with this phone regarding on video playback.

  5. Dhaval,

    Depends on the usage, usually last 1-2 days if all features are used. But when on minimal usage, lasts for about 2-4 days.

    A Micro SD 4GB memory card is fully compatible with this phone, so you won’t get problems with it.


  6. hello there ive got a problem ,, when i play the songs in the music player ,, and sum1 sends an sms to me ,, the whole fone gets stuck and i have to take the battery out so i cant re on it !!! plz tell me what to do ,,
    i got this fone for a week ,, and it happened 3 times so far ..

    plz reply

  7. Guys, please help me decide. I was about to buy 5610, but i saw 6500 and learned that both of them have similar specs. 3.2mp camera, slide phone, up to 4gb expandable memory and so on. 6500 is more expensive than 5610, i think because of it’s tv connector and that its camera is carl zeiss lens.

    My friend liked 6500’s design and color so much more than 5610. She said it looks elegant, 5610 looks a little like for teenagers.

    Im just wondering if carl zeiss lens cameras are better than that of 5610 because picture and video quality are 2 BIG Deals for me. But im also dying for the best sound quality. Does 6500 also has a dedicated sound chip like 5610?

    How about the battery life of this 2 phones? Please help.. please..


  8. Gustokonyan,

    As I compare these both devices. 6500 is really covered with a metal which is undoubtedly scratch-free. But it’s pretty heavy to carry though.

    On the 5610, the sidings are covered with aluminum panels, but the rest are plastic and rubber-but hey it’s materials are durable. Plus the 5610 enjoys a internal screen protector while the 6500s not.

    On the slider test, 6500 is pretty hard to slide up and down while the 5610 is just plain easy i think due to it’s light body.

    As Nokia’s campaign, 6500C/S are both intended to businessman, older audiences and on the other hand XpressMusic handsets are mostly targeted to youths-but this issue shifts when they made the black editions.

    According to some sources, including GSMArena. Nokia 5610 is one the best shooter among Series 40 devices, if not the 6500s. Which is really shocking in part of me. Were not really sure what the best until we get another unit and new firmware set for both phones.

    Speaking of music capabilities, 5610 enjoys a AIC33/DAC33 chip while the 6500 again, not. Even the sounds of both phones are identical, the 5610 is the real winner. Why? Nokia 5610 will stand more out of its battery life than the 6500s does. Nokia 5610 will play music around 20-22hrs-with normal usage. On the other side Nokia 6500s will only play the same thing around 10-12hrs. If you’re more of music and want a great battery life, get the Nokia 5610.

    On it’s battery life, if you don’t use much of it’s media capability, both phones are pretty equally the same. Nokia 5610 is my bet if you will play music all-day long.

    Hey, my review on it ain’t favor to Nokia 5610. It’s just gathered around on my opinion and in the phones itself!


  9. Thanks xpressmusic.

    i knew it, 5610 is better for music lovers like me, since it’s an xpressmusic phone. but do you have any idea about the picture and video capabilities of these two phones compared? that’s what makes it hard for me to decide. i really like 5610, but aside from music, i’m also “sensitive” when it comes to picture and video quality.

    and im sorry but i didn’t understand what you mean here:

    Nokia 5610 is one the best shooter among Series 40 devices, if not the 6500s. Which is really shocking in part of me. Were not really sure what the best until we get another unit and new firmware set for both phones.

    thanks again for your time..

  10. Gustokonyan,

    Let me correct that one – Nokia 5610 camera could’ve been the best shooter among non-Symbian Nokia handsets, if it wasn’t for the 6500 slide. Image quality is topnotch, you can’t ask anything for more. Colors are natural, exposures are correct.

    Check a sample shot here:

    As the same issue on certain Nokia phones(Nokia 5300, 5310, 6233), the shadows areas are often too noisy though.

    Even though the camera does not offer a dedicated macro mode, it handles close-ups quite well thanks to the auto focus.

    Anyway, both phones are great. But I’m still shocked by the fact that Nokia 5610 shoots better than the Carl-Zeiss packed 6500 slide. Maybe the modules used on both phones are different.

    It’s now on your decision. Good luck with it.


  11. thanks again..

    i visited gsm arena and almost read all about 6500s and 5610. i think its clear to me now. thanks xpressmusic!!

    maybe i should really not expect too much about picture and video quality from an s40 phone. i just wished nokia made .mp4 as the file format of recorded videos in 6500/5610 and not squeeze it to 3gp. cause they say the quality is acceptable but not as good as .mp4..

    btw, the picture you showed me is really nice.

  12. 6500 can take better pictures and videos than 5610. But considering its price tag and 5610’s audio chip plus battery life, i think id take 5610. 5610’s camera is not bad as well: 3.2MP + A/F, very nice! And it’s an XpressMusic Phone hehe.

    Oh, of course! The music slider key! hehe

    Ty again 🙂

  13. well hi…is it that the music output is much louder than nokia 6233. Nokia 6233 has loud music output but its ot all that great as nokia 6270. but the main probel i faced wit 6270 was that it got hanged and gave display as well as network problem,….so 5610 being a slide phone and loaded with faetures …will it give same problems or wil it be safe enough to buy……?????????

  14. Gustokonyan,

    Now, it really boils down on the user. Both phones come in with 3.2MP AutoFocus camera and captures VGA 15fps videos. The fact that Nokia 6500 slide has a carl-zeiss intact on it – still the Nokia 5610 also perform on its own.

    I do remember when the Sony Ericsson K750i outperformed Nokia N90 which had a Carl-Zeiss module. Surely, it upsets Nokia on their side.

    Nokia S40 has a very limited options on it unlike the Symbian platform. Therefore, it can’t capture MP4 coded videos.

    Here’s my take on the two phones:

    Nokia 5610 – Audio chip, better battery life, good camera, navi slider key, internal screen protector, scratch-resistant screen.

    Nokia 6500 Slide – TV out, metal casing, scratch resistant body, great keypad, carl-zeiss camera module, professional looking phone.

    IMO, Both phones are equipped with good loudspeakers. The only remaining thing that you want to add left is a Wi-Fi thing.


  15. Hi Sonia,

    Nokia 5610 only facilitates one speaker so I think it won’t match 6233’s dual speakers. But if you’re on quality and loudness you might else want to go with the Nokia N81.

    Nokia sliders are pretty much more improved today. Made up with the fine materials to ensure product durability. It’s now much safer to say that Nokia 5610 is a good buy for sure.


  16. seniors/friends..
    after reading rims of reviews and user comment it is amply clear that NOKIA 5610 is the BEST PHONE now in the market.
    CLASSY AND not cheap.RED OR BLUE.

  17. what u say when u compare sound quality of sony ericson mobiles with 5610,6500?
    6500,5610 slider can record video in mp4 formate? can play mp4 video?
    how u compare sound quality and video result of 6500,5610 with N73?

  18. Talal,

    My apologies, as I really got busy these days. Now, i takes much more time to answer your queries.

    a)Both 5610 & 6500 can only record 3GP videos on VGA resolution. But this phones can play MP4 type videos.

    b)All i can say, a phone with a dedicated audio chip, bring great sonic sound plus a better battery management, which the 5610 enjoys now.

    c)Yes, it could play in fullscreen mode. But remember Nokia 5610 & 6500 aren’t symbian so it won’t take Smart movie or any symbian apps either.


  19. I’m back!

    hey, just curious, will a 4GB memory card work on a nokia 5300? i know it’s max is 2GB only, but.. hehe

  20. Hi XpressMusic,

    I Bought the 5610 , it is just perfect !!
    but there is a little prob in it:
    I Can’t Play Videos!!
    Sometimes it plays them, sometimes it doesn’t.Is there any way i can do anything to watch them???
    PLZ Reply

  21. talal,

    Nokia 5610 plays QVGA videos at a smooth 30fps rate while Nokia N73 only plays at a minimum of only 15fps I think 😉

    In regards with video recording, i think it’s a tie. Nokia 5610 can produce bigger resolutions but only in 3GP format. On the other hand, Nokia N73 records CIF videos on MP4 format.


    Nokia 5300 can only accept cards no more than 2GB. It won’t be able to read bigger cards due to hardware limitation.

    Laith Hanania,

    Please be advised that the Nokia 5610 only plays 3GP files and MP4 files. If your files are in DAT, WMV, etc.. convert it with a specific software like Plato 3GP converter, Xilisoft. Just google it.


  22. Front panel susceptible to fingerprints >> the front panel is glossy, so fingerprints will show clearly

    Easy to scratch lens glass protector >> does not refer to the screen itself, but the screen protector. my n5610’s protector had lots of scratches but there wasn’t any scratches on the screen when i peeled the protector off.

  23. im just wondering if anyone here encountered a restarting problems w/ their nk5610 while playing music and java games. it does bother me most of the time when i play music… can anyone help how regarding this matter??? thanks…

  24. Hi Xpressmusic,

    i am going to bye new mobile but i big confuse between nokia 5610 & N73 music.Can u tell me which is good to buy.

    plz reply..
    i m waiting

  25. friends…i am unclear abt the sound/music quality of speaker…
    i do listen music in low volume and old songs…does the speaker decent enough for casual listening…THANKS

  26. dear archy…sorry to interfare..
    i am no expert…buying the latest in electronics is better..i n73
    there is no usb port..also screen is far better in it is 16m player is much advanced..

  27. is almost same…
    but here i would like to add…mobile cams are no match for cams are just for fun
    ..just to view the picture shot on screen..and the screen of 5610 is more superior to almost any mobile..

  28. Ravi Pratap,

    “mobile cams are no match for digicams” – Today n82 is a threat to most standalone digicams. It can perform as good as most digicams. Anyway, nokia claim that N82 is not a mobile phone, they market it as a Multimedia Computer.

    I’m getting my n82 soon! im very excited ^^

  29. Archy,

    I’d go for n73 — camera and video quality -wise, and of course, a symbian phone.. very flexible

    I’d go for 5610 — up to 24 hrs music playback and up to 4GB expandable memory.

  30. FRIEND..regarding cam quality of nokia 82—i understand nokia n82 has got the best cam as far as mobile phone goes…but IT JUST CANNOT MATCH A STANDALONE DIGICAM…JUST BUY ANY 5 MP DIGICAM OF SONY,NIKON, CANON AND SEE THE RESULT ON YOUR can a tiny lens on mobile match a full fleged camera..AS FAR AS PICTURE QUALITY OF NOKIA N82 GOES one cannot notice any flaw on mobile screen but take the camera to out door,shoot in evening or indoors and see the result on laptop or computer screen..U COULD EASILY NOTICE FLAREUPS,NOISE,PAINT BRUSH EFFECT,LOSS OF SHARPESS AND CHANGE IN COLOUR AMONG OTHER THING…
    since i am photojournalist with a top indian newspaper, i can say it with great confidance.DO NOT TAKE MY WORD SEE FOR YOURSELF.

  31. Hey, wat’s with the “shut up cause u dont know anything about picture quality more than i do cause i’m a Photojournalist” msg there huh?

    did i say “Today n82 is a threat to most SONY, NIKON, CANON digicams?”
    did i say “Today n82 is a threat to 5MP standalone digicams”?

    and just to let you know, THEY do not do picture comparisons on mobile screens, and so am i. its not only you who knows how deceiving mobile screens can be, and its not only u who has a laptop or a pc to be used for picture comparisons.

    and i did not like the CAPS LOCK SENTENCES there, cause it means shouting for me..
    did u just say “Hah, im not jealous. I don wana buy that thing, my digicam surely can take better pictures than that stuff!”

  32. oh sorry, i forgot to include “with a top Indian newspaper” on the first sentence of my previous post”. Like i care

  33. sorry..Gustokonyan..i never intended
    to hurt u or for that matter anyone..
    U must have notice –i addressed u FRIEND–my intention was just to inform friends to get better product..
    just a little help from a middle class
    man..i am not rich..just walk on foot..and the cap letters are just to stress my point..not for shouting..
    any way my apologies if my msg hurt u..
    N.B.–please check the screen of NOKIA N82..i think it is dull.

  34. Let me enter the discussions after a long period of absence. I’ve been busy with so many things online..especially on eBay 😀


    Get N5610 for it’s music features.
    Get N73 for it’s camera i’m surprized that it supports the new N-Gage platform joining it’s bigger brothers, N95, N93/i, N82 and N81!


    My friend also got his N5610 ended up restarting. The only way he did to fix it is to update the firmware via NSU.


    Nokia 5610, on headphones due to it’s embedded dedicated audio chip whereas Nokia N73 wins in terms of loudspeakers.


    If you’re gonna go with the Nokia 5610, i assure you of a good quality sound coming from it, and a nice music player layout.
    On the other hand, Nokia N73 almost got it all – it’s got a better battery than N5610, only thing missing is the Wi-fi. Still, the decision is up to you.

    Ravi pratap,

    No offense, N5610’s speaker is awful but at least it’s better than N5310’s dual-speakers :D. BTW, according to many NOKIA sources, the N82 got the best camera so far.

    Ravi and Gustokonyan,

    Please don’t get any farther than that, let’s just relax, don’t get personal or even physical. Virtual fight perhaps? 😀

    And Ravi, since you have said this one , since i am photojournalist with a top indian newspaper. Could you please feature us on your next newspaper column or just put an advertisment pointing towards to this site? (Hoping to get some exposures :D) Daydreaming…

    That’s all folks..

  35. Ravi pratap,

    ahhm, i’m sorry too. that was a really bad morning for me, and then after vising this site, i saw ur post and made me feel worse. while i was reading my post, i was like “whoa, is that me?”.

    regarding the caps lock, the first scene that came into my mind was someone shouting “FRIEND” (insultingly) towards me. i always see people shouting on posts using caps lock. i suggest you use bold face or italics to show emphasis, ;).


    Sorry, my bad. Sorry if i made this part look like a virtual fighting arena, eh. Wont happen again. Next time, i wont open forums until my hot-head cools down, hehe.

    btw, we’re glad you’re back 😉

  36. Gustokonyan,

    No problem.


    Get the Nokia 5610, period. IMHO, N70 ME is a way outdated and playing eAAC+ files on it is kinda rough. In N5610, you will be getting 3.2MP AF Dual flash, a nice music player, and an audio chip embedded on it to ensure sonic listening experience.


  37. Hello dear Gustokonyan…after all we fight with friends not strangers…don’t mind friend…
    at least i would thank u for cap letters ,for which i am very casual..
    anyway what are u planning to buy..
    seeing the price to value i am planning 5610..i think n 81 with top class screen and excel sound was just short of best but for bad camera and low build…nokia is coming with new n series phones..thanks you for feeling my feelings..
    also thanks expressmusic..for reply.

  38. hye.. well, i’ve got my Nokia 5610 recently… for about 3 weeks to be precise.. yesterday, i took out my sd memory from my phone and put it into my sister’s laptop just to transfer some photos i’ve taken with my phone. after that, after putting the sd card back into my phone, when i turn it on, my phone doing something i annoy… first, the nokia intro… then the welcome note… after that it just shut down back… is it because of any viruses? please help me.. i love my phone very much… any easier way to solve this mess?

  39. originally, i wanted to buy 5610. and then 6500s. and then back to 5610. and then n818gb. now, im really sure that i want n82. hopefully this friday.

    if im going to pick between 5610 or n81, it’ll be 5610. music music music, plus the 3.2 a/f camera, hehe. i also want to see the new music player and the slider key in action. sure n81 has a bigger storage capacity and a symbian phone, but, im more to music than games. though n-gage games are very nice.

  40. swakkhar,

    The current price of the N5610 ranges up to this date from $260 to $300USD.

    jack limp,

    Absolutely a big NO. AFAIK, viruses that affects windows computer, won’t likely affect mobile phones in reverse. Dealing with windows viruses is an another topic.

    Try updating your phones firmware by going onto the Nokia Software Update website. I assume there are guides on updating a certain phone model.


    N82 is a good choice, it almost beaten up Nokia N95’s camera capabilities with it’s powerful xenon flash. FYI, the Nokia N82 is also capable of running the N-Gage platform, that means you could also play games found on the same platform.

    If you’re on rush, get the N82. The new phones are still due on Q3 this year….that’s a long delay. Sheesh 😦

    -Regarding on the N5710, still no announcement from the press people at Nokia, maybe they will announce it this coming summer.

    CHeeRS! 😀

  41. but isnt it more fun to play n-gage games using n81 through its additional gaming keys? yeah, cant wait for the 3rd quarter, hehe. so far, i still prefer n82 than the new phones; im sure i will not like the price range of n96, hehe, 6220 with 5mp cam and xenon flash as well, but its screen is 2.2″ only, (though 3.5g and built in compass are cool, accelerometer too if im not mistaken). n78 with 24 hours music playback but 3.2mp cam. according to nokia, n82 can last up to 10hrs of music playback. it’s the same as my 5300, playback time is not excellent but not that bad for me. i will just buy an extra battery for the n82, ;). chickenbackside made a battery drain test of n82 and it lasted 11 hrs and 43 mins. i included the link for those who want to see how he did the test.

  42. This year..the most of the new phones will carry 3.2 and 5MP cameras respectively. Expect there will be a 7MP released by Nokia likely next year. Well, we can just see how phones evolve..


    Yeah Stefan… I don’t like the fact Nokia 5710 won’t include a tempting 3.2MP AF module……We’ll, if there’s no major improvements aside from the new symbian version, A-GPS and HSDPA compliant..I won’t look after that and just wait for a new xpressmusic line.

    *Nokia 5600*-on the works……..

  43. Omi,

    Just plain simple, For music audiophiles, get Nokia 5610. If you’re on smartphones and a little photo shooter, get N73. I’ve also heard that Nokia N73 can adapt on the new NGAGE platforms, that’s a big factor..


  44. Xpressmusic,

    How long does the 5610 lasts if you are texting too much? Is the screen of 5610 a scratch resistant?

    tnx.. pls reply…

  45. did a lot of research on nokia 6500 and 5610…below are the main differences between 6500 and 5610 which i find it more important to me.

    -better camera quality because of the Carl Zeiss optics. although both the camera is 3.2MP

    -TV out- can show your video or photo using your TV. COOL!

    – sound quality about the same with 5610.

    – music format include WMA. 6500 only support MP3.
    – more attractive interface. black background and bright wording.

    it really depends on your luck when you are buying handphone.some will give u problem but some will not. my current nokia 7250 is 5 years old and it never give me any problem. maybe i take good care of it. i never leave it ON 24/7. when i sleep at night, i will off my handphone as well.

    decide to get 5610.

    -although i’m quite concern about video and photo quality, the image quality of both phone is about the same. so no issue.

    – i get most of my songs from CD so the format will be WMA. it will be very trouble if i need to convert every songs to MP3 formart if i choose 6500.

    – 5610 look “younger”.the side of 6500 look abit like 8850 =)

    -it will be great if 5610 also have the TV-out function. really loves the function. but have to let go since i’m choosing 5610

    the more u compare with other phone, the more confuse you will get. every phone will have it’s pros and cons

    good day

  46. Hello all. i bought 5610 for 3 or 4 months already. till now, i still can’t play video in QVGA at 30fps smooth as what nokia has promised. or m i did something wrong? could someone clarify about 5610 video playback? coz i tried many setting, 3gp mp4, can only play 15fps 😦

  47. haaaay… still,, i am undecided which one will i buy,,

    a 6500 or a 5610..

    i read all the blogs,,

    it gets me confuse,,

    which fon did u think a great quality of music and camera??

    i love music same as i love taking pictures…


    what am i going to do,,,


  48. i also have the same problem…i have 5610 xpressmusic since 1 week..and cant transfer a video from my pc to my nokia..i mean..the phone doesnt read any of the formats i tried ( avi mpeg and a few more ) can u please tell me what converter should i use and how, so that i can watch videos on my nokia 5610 please

  49. hello all
    i read all the pots as its very intersting
    i thought iad advis whoz confused between n73 and 5610
    to get 5700 xpressmusic
    as it combines the two phones in features exept for the camera
    5700 audio quality is excellent
    and it supports micro sd hc which supports 32 gb microsd in near future
    at the moment 5700 supports 4gb
    the flash of 5700 can be used for illumination for torch without any application use
    its just a bug in the phone
    the camera although it is 2mp but its excellent 4 me
    i take alot picz and this camera is just fine for me
    as it takes the picture very fast
    as soon as u tap the button the image is saved
    not like n73 were u have to af and that crap
    the 5700 supports all kind of mp4s
    and all kinds of music formats
    its simply

    hope you consider it……

  50. hi xpessmusic
    i hav the 5610. i noticed that the vedio streaming is not soo good as the other nokia n serise. while streaming the 3gpp files the sound comes first and the picture come later.i need a solution for it. is there any video player for the fone.

  51. hi, i was thinking now about buying one of these the 5610 or the n73.Both have a good music quality but the n73music has better camera and video abilities
    could you please tell me whick one should i buy??

  52. hey
    There a problem with my nokia 5610. I bought it a month n a half ago and my phone’s sliding joystick in the front has chipped of…I dint even drop it. One day i saw a crack on both sides of the key and after that a tiny piece of the plastic keeps on comming off and trust me i looks really ugly with that. I bought this phone coz i fell in love with that key. I guess the body is too brittle as its plastic. Rest of the body is perfect its only that key. I even went to nokia care, told them about it but they seem to have no intrest in it. Can one change only that key or should i talk to nokia people???

    2) When i’m talking on the fone, at times the fone makes a weird sound and then switches off and then switches on, on its own. i got the softwares reinstalled from Nokia care but the problem is still continuing :(…what should i do???

    3) I cant find an option where i can see my call timer during a call, to know how long have i been toking for. Is there any software that i can install that i could use that feature??

    4)last one…is nokia n81 4 gb music quality as good as nokia or better or bad 5610???

    plzzz reply

  53. Hello All,

    Actually like many ppl over here, even i am confused which handset to buy out of N73-ME or N5610-XM.
    What i have heard of N5610-XM so far is it freezes on running multiple applications simultaneously. Also we cant install Third Party Softwares which are available on internet for free. The Music is better as compared to N73-ME.Also since 5610 is a slider phone, it looks better than N73-ME.
    For N73-ME, it take 2-4 seconds to save picture. It has symbian OS so we can install Third Party Applicaitons. Also there are antivirus software available for Symbian OS and not for Java.

    xpressmusic, kindly clear all the doubts, once for all, regarding which is better of N73ME and N5610XP and why.

    Thanks in Advance 🙂

  54. xpressmusic,

    can you please tell me when you should charge your battery, when it is fully discharged or there is still some little energy left?
    pls reply..

    thank you..

  55. xpressmusic,

    Im confused b/w N5610 n N73. I feel 5610 s really gud but I’ve heard serious probs abt restarting . Isn’t there any soln for this prob?

  56. xpressmusic,

    just trade in my N70 n bought 5610 xpress music .it is a good phone indeed coz of the battery life…can last me for 3 days. Afterfew days use , get to notice the internal memory consist of 31.8Mb. Any comment on this


  57. Hi,

    i don;t know which phone to choose between 5610 and n73. i like the look of 5610 better, but i/ve been told that slide phones are more troubled. and i must say that i don;t need a phone for music, but for photos. which is better 5610 or n73. please help!!!

  58. xpressmusic where r u? nedd ur help here, badly. 😦

    my 5610 went crap 2 days after purchasing it. 2 days! my menu wont function anymore. when i press the menu key, the camera function starts instead! jesus. i turned it off, pulled out the battery, and turned it on again. still the same problem persisted, i just cant get to my menu, the camera starts again with full gusto, and it can’t take pictures! jesus. it’s annoying. i shelled out a 5-figure sum of money to get annoyed!
    2 days. it went straight to oblivion super fast.

    xpressmusic, badly need ur help here please.

  59. xpressmusic where r u? nedd ur help here, badly. 😦

    my 5610 went crap 2 days after purchasing it. 2 days! my menu wont function anymore. when i press the menu key, the camera function starts instead! jesus. i turned it off, pulled out the battery, and turned it on again. still the same problem persists, i just cant get to my menu, the camera starts again with full gusto, and worse, it can’t take pictures! jesus. it’s annoying. i shelled out a 5-figure sum of money to get annoyed!

    2 days. it went straight to oblivion super fast.

    xpressmusic, badly need ur help here please.

  60. hey guys…m plannin to buy 5610…but then again i came to know abt the restartin problem the fone has while playin music…n also dat the fone restarts in between a call…plz lemme kno abt this…have most of the 5610 users encountered this problem or is it jus that a few ppl got unlucky while buyin the fone?

  61. the problem with 5610 is its camera button which gets stuck and if you dont notice then it will not function no matter whatever you do.

  62. Hi.. my last phone is nokia 3250 and when i had it i could play music when i call to listen it with the receptor person (i heard it to him) but now i bought nokia 5610 music xpress and i lost this property and it tell me not allowed (call in progress)
    can you tell me any solution for this problem plzzzzz it is soo important..

  63. Just curious but I need to know which has a better camera, 5610 or N73 ME? I plan to get a new phone but hard to choose between the two. I’m not into loud sound quality that the 5610 has but I’m interested in the camera (I only have a choice of the two).

  64. hey guys i bought the nokia 5610 few days ago the fone is good but display is much smaller than n73 .web browsing is another bad experience than n73, flash cant be turn on while video recording and
    last, music is not as good and loud as expected frm this phone

    it just hd only good battery back up so but n73 rather than this

  65. hi,

    i bought nokia 5610 phone. i want to know in which link i can get real player software for my phone.

    thanks & regards,

  66. Hi guys 🙂
    i got my 5610 at feb 2008 and i never noticed that i have a problem in my phone..
    If do any one face the same problem please tell me….
    Prob .1
    when the slide is closed and we work with the phone the backlight of the phone does not work:) i mean the joystick and the call and end buttons and even the menu button light does not on when the slide is closed 🙂 like the other phones 6500 and other N series
    prob .2
    the music shortcut slide keys are made up of plastic which brokes up…. For this issue nokia had released a new panel which has a music slide keys made up of aluminum:) i am trying to get that panel soon can any one help me in getting it. .

    And guys can any one tell me how can we get the firmware upgraded:) mine is now 4.20 and would need to upgrade:) tried using nokia software update. . .and got a response that their no firmware upgrad available.. But i read posts that some guys say that they upgraded the software to 4.81 can any one please send me the link:)

  67. hi guys,i bought 5610 6 months ago…n take my words i m regular to nokia customer care.this little bitch have lots of get switched off whenever it wants to is not sw do not run properly on this.n there are lots of lots of problems.i think nokia 3310 was the best set ever. atleast u need not worry about nethin

  68. i bought nokia 5610 xpress music , i transfer video songs from pc to mobile down loaded from you tube , i cannot play , i play only audio songs so please give the instruction how to down load video songs.

  69. Hey i just bought the nokia 5610 xpressmusic phone but im having trouble with transfering themes and gif and stuff for a wallpaper or screensaver basically flashing animation pics. My phone rejects it sayin that the device doesnt support it or something. Am i suppose to use a some sort of a program or something. Im really new with this phone can someone help me out?!?!?!?!?!


  70. for all 5610 new user or still need to find a better phone. well, for me 5610 is the best all the best then the symbian phone. everything you need is just get the new 5610 xpressmusic. it’s will not dissapointed you. i like the new format of 5610 menu with powerfull colour that cannot seen at symbian model phone. no need to think which phone you need to buy. just get the 5610 xpressmusic… as long i use the 5610 xpressmusic, it never disappointed me. try it now…. i recommed all of nokia lover to buy the nokia 5610 xpressmusic. in malaysian langguage say, ianya berbaloi untuk memilikinya.

  71. This may seem like a stupid question, but I just got my 5610 and put my SIM card in and wanted to upgrade my memory card, but I can not get the memory card holder to open like it shows in the pictures. Looks like the little metal cover should slide forward and then the cover and disk should flip out backwards, but I can’t get the cover to move forward. Probably need to show someone in person, but any quick ideas?

  72. OK, I actua
    lly got this figured out finally. Now I can’t get the disk to initialize. I came across this by accident the last time I bought a new disk, but can’t remember what I did.

  73. Hi I just bought a nokia 5610 it works great and plays music just fine. BUT I was wondering if I can play the mp3 music I have on the radio in a car? Anyone know how to do this?

  74. hi xpressmusic,

    i kinda like to sell my Nokia 6120 Classic to buy the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic…i like it’s features(5610). would you help me if i should sell my 6120 to buy the 5610?

  75. hello everybody… 1st i`m from Argentina…so i write the best i can in english jaajja…i have almost read all the page..all the discussions and answers…and…i want to ask you Expressmusic if i can install RealPlayer on a 5610????what types of aplications can it support??just JAVA or there are others????please can you tell me??…
    and out of this..i have a problemwith my nokia 5610..very common according to what i`ve read…when i miss a call, the phone “bloks” himself..and i have to take the battery out and turn it on just don`t work, the screen shows the missed call but the keys don´t work, i can´t turn it off either….it really bother me…and happens every time i miss a call…please¡¡how can i fix it???????
    i wait for your answer Xpressmusic…and thanks for your time.

  76. ohhh…i forgot..i asked to Expressmusic..but if anyone else does know how to fix the problem please tell me jajaaj….i aksed him before because almos all teh questions were for him…but enyone who can helpme is very wellcome jajajja…thankyou people…or like here in Argentina..”gracias gente”jajajaa…q buena q está esta página…desde ya muchas gracias a todos¡¡¡

  77. Hi,
    actually I have nokia 5610 and I like it, but I hve prblem with it.
    I couldent install any software in it (msg, dictionary, etc.It gave me message
    (File format not supporting),so if anybody can help me I would be very pleased.

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