The Largest Nokia Flagship Store Is Now Open

In Shanghai, China

Nokia announced the opening of the largest Nokia Flagship Store in the world in Shanghai, China, being the only stand-alone Nokia Flagship Store and the first in Mainland China.It’s the seventh of the 18 worldwide planned stores and the second in the region, as the premier Asia Pacific Flagship Store in Hong Kong is already open.The new store comes with an exhaustive collection of Nokia products and services, allowing customers to interact, freely and easily, with Nokia’s cutting-edge mobile experiences.

Colin Giles, President of Nokia China, said: “The Nokia Shanghai Flagship store embodies Nokia’s commitment to putting the customer first by providing consumers the opportunity to experience the most dynamic and exciting mobile technology in the world.”

The Shanghai Flagship store offers a new perspective to the mobile retail industry and it’s equipped to provide visitors an interactive multimedia experience with a state-of-the-art video and audio system that ensures an energizing and at the same time comfortable environment. Display screens help customers find the area of the store with products or services they desire.Every product has detailed information on nearby digital displays that appear when a consumer picks the product. The entire shop is designed to make mobile technology easy for everyone to understand, thus creating an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience. Visitors can enjoy a full mobile experience with applications such as e-mail, navigation, music, games or weather forecasts.

“The China market has become the leading global market in terms of scale and maturity, and we believe that the Nokia Shanghai Flagship store will become popular among Chinese consumers”, Mr. Colin Giles added. “The store will elevate our retail services to a new level and strengthen Nokia’s leading position in China.”

Nokia Shanghai Flagship Store is located in the most distinguished fashion district and business center of Shanghai, offering to over 500,000 consumers who pass by everyday the chance to experience the future of mobile life.

[Via Softpedia]


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