Microsoft Will Bring Phones under USD100

Cheap Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile smartphones priced under USD100 should be available in the near future, according to Microsoft. The company plans of developing solutions for reducing the price of such devices and make them available for a wider range of users.

As Linux becomes an even more popular solution for mobile phone software, Microsoft faces the challenge of coming up with a solution to win back the interest of a large number of users. The company’s result was that a major price cut on the devices that use this technology should widen the span of the software.As a result, Microsoft will do its best to integrate Windows Mobile on less evolved devices that should also come at some smaller prices.

It might seem impossible to pack one of the most evolved operating systems on less evolved smartphones. The solution might be that of bringing older versions of the software on these specific devices or to create a special version of it, although it should be more expensive for the producer.

One proof that this is possible comes from US operator AT&T that began offering the 3125 Windows Mobile model for USD 50. This is only the beginning, as another similar handset should come out on the market for less than U100 next month, according to Microsoft.

“People expect to be able to do more and more with their mobile phone”, said Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer. Because of this, “We’re building on our expertise across servers, operating systems and services to deliver Windows Mobile experiences that bridge the things people want to do at work and at home”, he further added.

Microsoft considers that the tendency of seeing major price drops on evolved handsets is a natural one. The price reducing strategy proves, in this case, to be a smart one, foreseeing the natural tendency of the market.

[Via Softpedia]


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