Hiding Clothing Mimicking Vending Machines!

In Japan

The fear of being robbed is only natural, but this time it has turned into something bizarre.The Japanese people`s fear of being the victims of theft has gone so far that a Japanese designer, Aya Tsukioka, 29, has launched in Tokyo a collection of clothes meant to fool any attacker. The star of its collection is “the machine skirt” which can disguise you into a soda machine.

This would be the solution if you’re followed by a villain and Tsukioka was surprised by the large number of interested people.

The idea is simple: the fabric is imprinted with the well-known red model of a Coca-Cola machine and you can hide yourself making only a few movements, at any street corner.The model’s deluxe variant has even four sides for a more sophisticated disguise.20 models of the vending machine skirts have been already sold, at a price of $ 822.”I hope it will help ease women’s fear of crime.” said Tsukioka.

Tsukioka told New York Times that the Japanese people prefer running or hiding when they are attacked, when explaining the oddity of the collection.

“It is just easier for Japanese to hide.Making a scene would be too embarrassing”, explained Tsukioka, who said that the idea originated in the coating of the legendary ninja fighters.The model of soda machines was chosen because there are plenty of them on the Japanese streets.

Turning the skirt into a vending machine could result a little tricky “especially when your hands are shaking.These ideas might strike foreigners as far-fetched, but in Japan, they can become reality.” Tsukioka declared to New York Times.

Another piece of the Tsukioka’s recent collection is a sewer cover purse which has been launched on the Japanese market. When feeling threatened, you can leave all your valuable stuff in this purse and the robber may not notice the purse, taking it as a sewer cover.

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[Via Softpedia]



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