Americans Love Internet, Not Sex

The Americans are addicted to the web

If you’re one of those who consider the world is coming to an end, you should really read this: according to a research conducted by 463 Communications and Zogby International, “24% of Americans said the Internet could serve as a replacement for a significant other”.This is pretty weird if you read this from the perspective of a user not addicted to the computer.But let me present you some other findings: 31 percent of the respondents who love the Internet so much were singles, which is pretty obvious why they chose this option.And listen to this: 11 percent of the Americans would agree to implant a device inside their brain which would allow them to access the Internet from any location, wherever they would go.Jeez!

But wait, there are also some “normal” stats: it seems like more than one in four Americans have at least one profile on a social network website, obviously MySpace or Facebook. Moreover, it seems like young persons with ages between 18 and 24 are pretty attracted by the social networking pages as no less than 78 percent of them confirmed they have a profile on these websites.

Getting back to the shocking news, one in five Americans would agree to install a chip inside their kids’ brains in order to track them and find them quickly if they get lost.

“Most Americans don’t think the Internet has had an effect on their spirituality.Ten percent said it made them closer to God, while 6% percent said it made them more distant.Those who call themselves “Born Again” were the most likely to feel it affected them spiritually.Twenty percent of Born Agains said it made them closer while 11% said it made them more distant from God,” the market researcher revealed some other interesting findings.

[Via Softpedia]


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