New KD Player v0.8.6

Download the latest KD Player for your mobile phone!

v0.8.6 (en)

Thanks GergQ Petorich!
Newest KD Player (v0.8.9) is now available here.

Created by: Knyzhov Dmitry



  1. hi, really nice app.

    can a resume play after a call be included in the next version. also controls through hands-free buttons for nokia?

  2. The links don’t work but you can find the files at the KDPlayer blogspot.

    Now, how do I install it in a S-E W300i cell phone?

  3. Thanks Steve Swan for the heads-up! Sorry for the inconvenience.Now all the download links are now being fixed.Regarding on your question “How do I install KD Player onto your SE-W300i?” Simply, you can install KD Player by connecting your phone into your computer.Using the USB or data cable provided with your phone(If there’s any).I don’t know SE phones much(Sorry) so just check your users manual which also came with the phone box.

  4. I have Downloaded your KD media Player but i am not able to save playlist. plz help and also tell me whether themes are avialable for this software or not.

  5. for all s40 phone users the problem with “Playing Impossible! Exception: device error” is that u have application tones turned off under our current profile, just edit our profile settings and turn on application tones.

  6. Not cool as u all says ….!!

    very severe problem regarding player is that it can’t minimize … one last option to look into our phone is to exit application ..

    second thing i like to highlight is it’s playback when some call in included … it can’t resume … we have to start song again …

    can’t change equalizer form it ..

    except it good player …

  7. “unable to open file! exception:invalid locator:…file///E:/05-the name of the song”
    why is this message appearing?
    my phone is 6233

  8. ok I see. it is because of the turkish alphabets.(I looked at help) because this application just supports just english letters

  9. Hey guys i just downloaded this file and it works and luks kul but i kouldnt figure out how to add all my song onto it. ive done every thing that i kould think of. i went to update library and i select my music folder from my memory card and nothing comes up it just goes back to the music library and when i check for song there is still nothing there could some one give me in step by step the things that i have to do to make it sence the songs on my memory card

  10. @Stang
    I think you need to edit the options – tick the one that says whether or not to scan sub-folders and then refresh the library and it should scan all folders within the one you selected

    Now – does anyone know how I stop my 5310 from asking me for permission every time the player tries to access a music file?

  11. Hi…. please advice me ….. does the KD Player 176 x 220 suitable for my Nokia 6630 ? Would u like reply asap ?

    Thanks : Widijono

  12. Just installed the latest version (0.8.9) and while it’s really nice looking and fast there is one major downside to it – it doesn’t seem to care about track numbers, it just sorts everything in alphabetic order! Not very convenient when you want to listen to a certain album in the order it’s supposed to – even the K800 music player handles this, so I’ll stick to that.

    Other features that’d be nice although I suppose they all would need a lot of hard work:
    > Library search (as in Walkman 2.0+)
    > Scroll song titles during playback so that you actually can see the full title
    > Search for artwork on both ID tag and folder (in that order)
    > Make it possible to show larger album art


  13. certainly a gr8 work to write such music player in java…

    could you please tell me whetere the new version will work on LG phone .. particularly LG KG300… the earlier one did not work.

    thanks in advance

  14. This doesn’t seems to work on 5300
    I receive this error while
    ‘Unable to open file! Exception: device error’

    I have been able to view the file information (size/length/bitrate/id3v2-tag), the file is found to be on E:/MP3/02.mp3 (i write this in other to let you know that there no special char only ASCII)

    Kdplayer 0.8.9
    nokia 5300 (firmware 5.50 14-08-2007)
    MicroSD card Scandisk 2Gb

  15. hi i m anil from india.any one suggest solution for below problem
    “unable to open file! exception:invalid locator:…file///E:/05-the name of the song”
    why is this message appearing?
    my phone is 6233

  16. hi. i’munable to save playlist files (on sd mem card it says that “access denied” or sth like that, on phone memory it says that playlist name is invalid) – my phone is nokia 6300

  17. im trying to set application on my kd player to *accept* so itl play but the option is blank and it says *not available for this application* i have a nokia 5300 what do i do plse help.

  18. hi! i’m from argentina, please help me.. i have a nokia 6131 and when i open a song with KD Player it appear me:
    “unable to open file! exception:invalid locator:…file///E:/05-the name of the song”

    why does it appear? please response me.

    pd: if you don’t know the problem please recommend me another music player for nokia 6131. THANK YOU.

  19. Hy. I downloaded the KD Player 0.86 and 0.95, and it doesn’t work. It appears an error : Unable to open file! Error opening file Device Error!… I have a Nokia 6233, please tell me what should I do. Thanks.

  20. Hi,I have a problem with KD Player on my mobile phone (Nokia 6131). When I open it it’s work good, but I don’t know the settins to work right. When I take play it always write: “unable to open file! exception:invalid locator:…file///E:/05-the name of the song”. Do you know what I’m doing wrong? Please answer me to my mail address I really don’t know what I have to do. Thanks, Kate

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