This is the Only Children Special Effects Video Camera

If you’re hoping your son will grow up to be like Scorsese or Tarantino, you’d better get him one of these. The Only Children Special Effects Video Camera is probably the only one that allows children to apply 18 various special effects. As alternative, the kids can also play some cool music, while filming. After that, they even get the chance to perform some editing on their videos, after the shooting, using a couple of simple and user-friendly integrated controls.

The device was given a button for the change of the normal visual setting to one of the three effect modes that can warp and distort the image. The effect is a comical aspect of the video that kids simply adore.

There are also some other integrated controls that alter the tempo of the distortion it causes. After all these, the kids can edit the footage using tools that can cut and combine the video sequences on the monitor. Speaking of which, the only major issue with this device could be its rather humble integrated monitor of only 1.5 inch. At least they made it LCD, which is not so bad, after all.

Besides that, the system comes with a couple of USB cables that can be used to perform a couple of interesting downloads from the camera straight to any Hello Kitty laptop out there.

The included software package is said to provide some additional editing capabilities and finer-tuned controls for combining still images, laying down audio tracks, and creating more special effects.

In addition, the camera can also connect to a TV or to any iPod out there for creating music videos. Sadly, it sports only 32 MB of internal memory, which means the camera can record up to 2 1/2 minutes of video (or up to 800 low resolution images). If the memory is insufficient, there is an SD card slot included in the cam, which enables expanded memory up to 2 GB. The digital zoom is not bad either, as 4X digital sounds decent even for an adult camera.

To function, the video camera requires two AA batteries. Just to be sure your kid does it the right way, you should know the manufacturer has confirmed that this item meets U.S. Federal toy safety standards for lead. Really want to buy one? Try on Hammacher web store, where the cam retails for around 160 bucks a piece!

[Via Softpedia]