Unlimited Worldwide Wi-Fi Access for Selected Nokia Devices

Launched by Boingo Wireless

Boingo Wireless Inc., access provider to the world’s largest network of Wi-Fi hotspots, announced that from today Boingo Mobile is available for selected Nokia handsets and Internet Tablets, enabling automatic connection to Boingo’s network that consists of tens of thousands of hotspots all over the world, for just $7.95 per month. The announcement illustrates the successful realization of the mutual vision that Boingo and Nokia have to provide a powerful multimedia experience for mass market mobile products.

Boingo Mobile can be downloaded and installed on compatible Nokia Wi-Fi devices, including selected S60 phones and Linux Internet Tablet. After the installation, the software provides roaming access to the largest public hotspots network. Boingo Mobile searches and finds Boingo-enabled hotspots and authenticates users, automatically, with their Boingo account.

Dave Hagan, President and Chief Executive Officer at Boingo, said: “Millions of Nokia customers worldwide can use Boingo Mobile to effortlessly connect to Boingo’s hotspot network, allowing them to enjoy bandwidth-intensive applications at blazing-fast speeds. Boingo Mobile simplifies the connection process and eliminates the cumbersome task of navigating public Wi-Fi walled gardens.”

“This agreement reinforces Nokia’s commitment to become an Internet driven experiences company – offering not only great devices but also exciting services around them,” says Nokia Multimedia vice-president, Nigel Rundstrom. “With the introduction of Boingo Mobile software and service on selected Nokia S60 devices and Nokia Linux-based Internet Tablets, consumers now have an affordable, unified Wi-Fi roaming experience across the globe that is extremely easy to use.”

Boingo Mobile can be downloaded directly via Nokia Download! on the Nokia N80 and Nokia N95 devices or from the Boingo website for selected Wi-Fi enabled Nokia S60 phones. Subscribers pay a monthly rate of $7.95 (5.95 Euro or 3.95 GBP) an receive unlimited high-speed Internet access to countless hotspots worldwide, including hotels, airports, restaurants and other important locations.

[Via Softpedia]


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