Opera Browser Vulnerable, Update Recommended!

The application is affected by two vulnerabilities

Opera browser has always been one of the applications described as an alternative for the giants Internet Explorer and Firefox but in the recent period, it has grown up a lot and has become more popular among the Internet consumers. Moreover, together with Safari and other programs, Opera started challenging the two leaders, becoming one of the top players on the market. Because I’m sure many of you are using Opera, you should know one thing: the software solution contains two vulnerabilities which can be exploited by the attackers to compromise an affected system. There’s only one solution to avoid a potential exploitation of the bugs: the update to version 9.24 which was rolled out a few days ago.

Security company Secunia rated the flaws as highly critical, urging the consumers to update their browser to the version mentioned above. Opera Software confirmed the vulnerabilities and mentioned that the new release contains the patches for both of them.

It seems like one of the glitches can be exploited only if the users configured Opera to work with an external newsgroup application or e-mail client. Visiting a malicious website especially created to exploit the vulnerability could lead to errors and ‘execution of arbitrary code’.

The second flaw can appear “when accessing frames from different Web sites, specially crafted scripts can bypass the same-origin policy, and overwrite functions from those frames. If scripts on the page then run those functions, this can cause the script of the attacker’s choice to run in the context of the target Web site,” Opera informs.

Both flaws can be easily patched by installing Opera 9.24, especially designed by the parent company to address the vulnerabilities.

If you want to download the latest version of the Opera browser, you can take it straight from Softpedia using this link.

[Via Softpedia]


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