New Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, Performance and Style

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Nokia takes portable internet communication to a new level and introduces the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.The device can be connected to Wi-Fi hotspots or via a Bluetooth mobile phone and enables users to make internet calls, check Google Mail and Facebook Accounts, update blogs, watch YouTube videos, IM with friends or chat on the Gizmo videochat.All this due to the outstanding touchscreen (4.13 inch, 800×480 resolution) and the slide-out keyboard that the new Internet Tablet has.

“The Nokia N810 packs the power of a traditional computer into a pocket-sized format. Its open standard technology accelerates the convergence of multiple functionalities and services into a single device”, says Ari Virtanen, Vice President, Convergence Products, Multimedia, Nokia. “Our new Nokia N810 offers users a true Web 2.0 experience in a compact, stylish, yet affordable package – it connects people to what matters to them.”

N810 provides an integrated GPS receiver and built-in maps to make sure that you always find your way. Also, you can upgrade to Wayfinder’s voice-guided navigation to get turn-by-turn directions. The Nokia N810 can be the perfect traveling companion, regardless of where and why you travel. If you don’t have Wi-Fi connection, N810 can give you up to 45 hours of music playback and enough memory to store about 75,000 songs on an optional memory card of 10GB.

Nokia N810 runs on Maemo Linux OS2008 and offers a highly customizable user interface. It comes with a Mozilla based browser, Adobe flash 9, Ajax, Bluetooth headset support and enhanced audio and video features. Nokia collaborated for N810 with Earthlink, Boingo Wireless and The Cloud, enabling Wi-Fi connectivity to allow access to thousands of different locations all over the world. Furthermore, Skype, Video Gizmo and Rhapsody provide the latest popular downloads.

The new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet will be available starting November 2007 for an estimated price of 479 USD, local taxes not included.

[Via Softpedia]


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