With some help from the Digital Foci Pocket Album

Although their history is a relatively short one, digital photo frames have become extremely popular over the past few years, as they allow users to view their entire collections of photos even in the absence of a computer. However, since most devices of this type are far from being very portable, the Digital Foci company has decided to launch a device targeting those users who want to enjoy their favorite digital photos wherever they might be, namely the Pocket Album.

Thus, the Pocket Album is a keychain digital photo viewer, which sports a 1.5-inch LCD display with a 128 x 128 pixels output. Furthermore, the Pocket Album can hold as many as 74 pictures with its 8 MB internal memory, and users can scroll photos manually, or run automatic photo slideshow with adjustable (from 5 seconds up to 2 minutes) slideshow interval.

Unfortunately, the device doesn’t behave like an USB Mass Storage device, as photos (in either JPG or BMP formats) can be transferred solely via the included and user-friendly Photo Viewer Software (compatible with the Windows Vista, XP Home/Pro, 2000, Mac 10.x & later operating systems). Furthermore, the Photo Viewer Software lets the users crop and rotate photos before automatically resizing them for optimal storage and display on the device.

The Digital Foci Pocket Album runs on a Lithium-ion battery with up to 9 hours of battery life and can be very easily recharged via the included AC adapter or with USB power by connecting it to the computer. The device also features a built-in clock with automatic on/off timer, and the LCD contrast is adjustable for choosing your optimal viewing angle.

The Pocket Album retails for around $39.95, which is not exactly a very high price to pay for a digital photo frame that provides such a high degree of portability and versatility.

[Via Softpedia]