10 Tips for a Better Memory

From food to sleep

You may forget where you have parked the car, what you did yesterday and the birthday of your best buddy. How many times you were trying to prepare yourself for an exam and you couldn’t learn anything? If you’re young, they say you’re in love or your mind is wandering; with the age they say you’ve turned into…crap.

1.Feed your brain. If it lacks or receives in small amounts what’s necessary for the neuronal functioning, your memory will not ‘function’ at its best. Eat many fruits and green leafed vegetables, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Bilberries, blackberries, fish and fish oil, eggs, spinach and almonds are also recommended.

2.Do some exercise. It improves circulation, including that of the brain, which boosts brain functioning. Cardiovascular exercises, made over long periods, are of great help in reducing the number of brain cells lost because of aging.

3.Brain games: intellectual stimulating activities and games like chess or Scrabble are ideal as they improve your memory, enjoying and challenging the brain.

4.Read a book: the brain must be continuously challenged. Talk with your friends about what you have read lately.

5.Caffeine is known to boost memory. So, coffee and tea (black or green) are good for your memory.

6.Make connections: people tend to remember things much easier if they are linked to other pleasurable ones. A boring subject can become funny if associated with something that has already been experienced. If you have to memorize a list, create a funny formula starting with the first letter of each word from the list.

7.Sleep time consolidates memories. You can cram all night long, without sleep you won’t remember anything.

8.The more you repeat something new, the more likely you will recall that.

9.Music helps you remember past events, retain new information and recover information you thought was lost.

10.Share information with other people. Don’t keep information only to yourself: sharing it with the others is an excellent way of training your memory. Turn into your own teacher and don’t be afraid of new challenges. You may have graduated, but the new information must be tested from time to time. Use the information you acquire day by day.

[Via Softpedia]


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