Elegant in black

Nokia 6500 has been last spotted on the FCC website, receiving its approval for a US release. While waiting for this miracle to finally happen, some new live images of the device have appeared, showing a stylish and shiny side of the phone.

Previous leaked images showed a rather bulky and bleak phone, but the new ones really make the best of it, especially due to the light that shows off the reflective capabilities of the handset. Unfortunately, those who had the great luck of taking captures of Nokia 6500, did not manage to bring some updates concerning the phone’s specifications.

Black always makes shapes look slim and smaller than they really are. This must be the explanation behind the fact that this new color makes Nokia 6500 Slider look more compact than ever and way more elegant, all ready to impress many people.

The phone brings a 3.2 megapixel camera featuring Carl Zeiss optics, which is supposed to bring great quality captures, similar to those of digital cameras. It also includes a TV-out jack, for viewing images on a TV set and going past the drawback of having a small screen instead. The 2,2 inch QVGA display is not one of the largest ones out there, which makes the TV out option come just in hand.

Nokia 6500 Slider comes equipped with a microSD card slot, enabling the owner to increase the storage space up to 4GB of additional memory. This makes the media phone ready for making the best of its multimedia performances. Information concerning the handset’s sizes would have been great, especially as it looks to many people as in danger of being bulky.

The phone has recently been approved by FCC and an European launch was estimated until the end of this summer. This makes it look like there are all chances of having Nokia 6500 Slider out on the market in the near future.

[Via Softpedia]