The PSP UMDs Have Issues

The PSP’s not so perfect after all…

Is there a perfect console out there? I guess there is no such thing since the acclaimed PSP has some issues, too. It’s not the hardware that’s pulling the portable gaming device down, but rather the UMDs, that seem to be falling apart, after they’ve been used for a long time. In the following clip, you’ll see a “guru” of these broken PSP disks, known as Dave and it seems that he has repaired 70,000 broken UMDs while working at Multimedia Recovery, a web vender.

Talk about flimsy and all… While checking out the video I was surprised to see that those tiny bundles of joy are easily breakable, so easy that it scared me. According to the expert, that frame that encases Sony’s disks is made out of … “junk”, rather some layers of plastic, thin enough to be torn apart by a strong hand. Improved frames were made available and they’re designed to protect the feeble UMDs from total destruction. They cost $3.99 and they’ll be shipped for free, being available in five distinct colors.

So, let’s give this console issue thing a round-up: the Xbox 360 has that overheating problem and the famous Red Ring of Death, the Nintendo Wii seems to encourage gamers to hurt each other with the aid of the Wiimote and the PS3 also has overheating problems (and according to some sources it was the cause of a major fire). Now, the PSP joins the list, but at least there’s that item you can buy in order to fix the issue. Various third party companies, or even the producers of the above-mentioned consoles make a lot money by selling patches, fixes, cases and other accessories that can correct their design or hardware problems.

I’m still waiting for the perfect console and Nintendo seems to be the favorite in this race, since their devices have the least problems of all.

[Via Softpedia]


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