This Is The Funniest YouTube Clip Ever!

At least this is what the producers sustain

Nowadays, millions of Internet consumers are fighting for the YouTube popularity which can bring them on the main page or even on the top of the category of the online video sharing service. But when you manage to reach the first position of the comedy category and record approximately 6 million views, this is something impressive. This is what National Lampoon is claiming. According to a press release published today, they became the first channel in the category section this month and the second YouTube partner as popularity beating famous brands such as BBC, Fox News and Warner Bros. The interesting fact is that National Lampoon is not a professional comedy video producer, all the movies being made with low budgets.

“This is truly amazing. Unlike the big boys, we don’t have the benefit of pulling clips from hundreds of TV Shows and vast entertainment libraries. We produce all our videos in-house on moderate budgets. Our popularity is a real tribute to the talent of the National Lampoon internal creative team. Many of us wear multiple hats, serving as writers, performers, directors, and editors on each video. National Lampoon is truly a one-of-a-kind, comedy Internet studio that’s going 24/7,” said Scott Rubin, Editor-in-Chief of National Lampoon.

Since YouTube was acquired by Google, it encouraged all the users who joined the service to upload clips and share them to other consumers. Moreover, numerous surveys conducted by the research companies revealed that most of the YouTube visitors are attracted by the homemade content created and uploaded by ordinary users.

“Our videos are introducing new legions of fans to the National Lampoon brand. Web video and mashimations are entirely new comedy phenomenons, and true to our comedy background, National Lampoon is right out there on top,” Phil Haney, Senior Producer for the National Lampoon creative team, added.

[Via Softpedia]


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