Slim PSP-2000 Pack – 1GB Memory Stick, Daxter, Movie UMD, All for $200

Full features of the new PSP Slim/Lite inside… (inside this article that is)

Can’t wait to get your new PSP Slim/Lite huh. Well, we thought it would be nice to share a bit of information about it with you, as several sources on the Internet have revealed a bunch of new features and improvements added to the new system, currently available in the US bundled with Daxter (one of the handheld’s best titles), retailing for just $200. The pack is entitled PSP-2000.

Why would Sony call this “starter-pack” so to speak, the PSP-2000? It almost sounds like a weapon in Star Trek, which would have been nice to pronounce had we been living in the ’90s. Anyway, the name is not important, but the PSP-2000 pack and the console’s new and improved features are. Ars technica has confirmed the following for the pack:

The pack retails for no more, no less than $200. The PSP-200 Pack includes:
– PSP Lite system (of course)
– 1GB of memory stick
– Daxter
– UMD movie
– TV-out jack (for games and movies on the big screen when you’re at home)

As for what’s new with the PSP Lite itself, the same website confirms:

“The system is also now shiny and slick across both the front and the back, instead of the more grainy plastic of the original’s rear. While it feels like it may slide out of your hands at first, holding the system is an extremely comfortable affair.” while “the new lightweight design makes the system easier to play during marathon sessions.”

Also, “the speakers have been moved from the bottom of the system’s face to the top, making the sound easier to hear. The D-pad on the new hardware is raised slightly higher than the original…” The analog stick beneath the D-pad “feels no different than the original”, while “the headphone jack is in a slightly different place.” It has been confirmed that the jack is the same port used for the TV-out cable, but it looks the same as the original port on the old PSP.

There are some features that suffered changes as far as their position on the system is concerned. This is the wireless toggle’s case, which “has been moved from the side to the top,” as the same website confirms, while the Pro Duo memory card slot has also been moved up a bit. Last, but not least, the new PSP lacks the IR port; however, to be honest with you, I’ve never heard of anyone putting it to good use.

And that’s the whole PSP-2000 pack for you. Got the 200 bucks? You know you want this sexy piece of machinery. It’s like this: you love your wife, but she’s fat; wife loses weight – twice as many reasons for loving her.

[Via Softpedia]


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