Nokia-flavoured cakes

After Nokia recently released some moon cakes in China, the handset producer will bring some of its sweetest products in Taiwan too. The tasty cakes are packed and ready to ship, which should happen pretty soon, as they can’t wait too long before reaching stores.

The wrapping that the Nokia sweets will come in look more suitable for an Easter limited edition, although we’re a long way before this holiday. There are some egg-shaped bunnies and chef bonnet, all designed in brown and golden colors, which make it look highly appealing and stylish.

The previous moon cakes that Nokia offered in China, also nicely wrapped showed some of their handsets, made of chocolate and sugary fillings. That must have been pretty difficult to design, as the new ones only feature the Nokia brand written on top. It does not mean that they are less tasty, although they don’t look as special as the previous ones.

The market for such products is rather limited, especially if the producers bring them out at some high prices. They might prove to be great as a present, although people working at the company might feel a special taste to them, more than all the outsiders. Nokia fans should also be crazy about the company’s idea and there surely are such people out there.

It all started in China and now Nokia expanded to Taiwan with their cakes. It’s a pretty special promoting campaign that they are pumping there and also a good safety net. If the mobile phone producing does not work out, they can always switch to the art of cooking. McDonald’s should start making mobile phones from now, just in case Nokia takes them out of business with some massive pie sales. My guess is that they are just fine and have nothing to worry about.

[Via Softpedia]