Barcode Scanner for Nokia Phones

Ignite your imagination

UpCode™ is revolutionary and interactive. It is an optical code reader that uses mobile phones (or scanners) to add any electronic information or system to all media and any printed products including electronic information on screens. With the application it is possible to integrate all businesses and all forms of eCommerce. The code provides businesses and mobile phone users multiple access and interaction, for an example but not only to internet content simply by pointing their phone at a code. No tapping in www….. No remembering web addresses… or for example packaging, check nutritional content of food and beverages, check allergy warnings, play games, win prizes, automatic advanced CRM, logistics and payment functions – “whatever you can imagine” Just point and go!

By combining any media product (TV, print, audiovisual, outdoor advertising) with real time and changeable information on the web, UpCode provides the long waited link between all media technology.

UpCode is easy and fast to integrate into new or existing marketing systems and contents.


UpCode can be used anywhere worldwide 24/7 and across all media. The code can be small enough for packaging or large enough for posters – and still be read by an ordinary mobile. UpCode includes many, many functions and capabilities, it’s robust and easy to use. Anyone can download the application ‘free’ to their mobile and special programs can be installed for commercial users.

UpCode can be used for:

Logistics, Education, Ticket sales, Direct marketing, Games/Gambling, Personal use/privacy, Disabled Access, Translations/Travel, Timetables, Packaging, Tracking, Nutritional Data, Allergy Data, Pharmaceutical Info, Instructions, Control, Marketing, (back-end), Integrated information, Intelligent systems, Banking, Utilities, Compliance, Security, Transactions, the opportunities are endless.

UpCode programs are suitable for Symbian and Java phones. UpCode is approved by Verisign and is a Nokia Forum PRO partner.

Click here to see the list of the phones that UpCode has been tested on.

You can download UpCode direct from your computer via Bluetooth.
1. Simply Download the application, follow the on-screen instructions and then send the applications direct to your phone via Bluetooth**.
2. click here now to download to your computer

To Download a free UpCode application directly to your mobile phone.
1. Open the web browser in your mobile phone.
2. Type in
3. Choose Language, Press ‘Accept’ and the UpCode Application will be installed automatically. (You can safely continue when the phone gives you an installation warning UpCode is completely trusted and verified by Verisign Inc.)

To Start Using UpCode with your Cameraphone
Open the UpCode program from the phone menu.
1. Make sure that nothing is covering the camera.
2. Point the camera at an UpCode until the program automatically takes a picture of the code & ‘clicks’.
3. Click ‘Yes’ to connect & you are directed automatically.

No Cameraphone? (or camera doesn’t see the code.)
1. Press ‘Options’ key type in the number below code, choose ‘Go’.
2. If the mobile asks for connection answer ‘yes’.

**You will be advised you if your phone model isn’t compatible at this time.

© UpCode Ltd. Vaasa, Finland, UpCode UK & UpComm Ltd. [UK]

[Via Upcomm]



  1. i need NOKLA PC SUITE for my N77,Can you plz tell me how to Connect GPRS through my mobile ..i m using Airtel Sim it’s GPRS enabled sim…. so reply me fast

  2. I believe that these barcode scanners are more useful for the already existing UPC and EAN codes that you can find in any supermarket or electronic store.

    I wrote ZebraScan, a free barcode reader for Nokia camera phones. Instead of just showing the UPC/EAN barcode it allows you to search for the product on the internet.

    This way you can easily compare prices or read reviews right at the store!

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