Old PSP Versus Slim PSP… Who’ll Win?

Great loading times for the new console 

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was launched in Japan 4 days ago, bundled with a cool new Slim PSP, a console that will surely sell well this Christmas. Now it’s time for a comparison between Sony’s newest portable gaming device and its older version, the original PSP. The Slim Playstation Portable is not just
slimmer, but also quicker, as its loading times have greatly decreased.

Of course, as you can see in the pic on the left, two PSPs were compared while Crisis Core was being played. The one on the left was the older console, featuring huge loading times, while the Slim console handled Square-Enix’s beautiful content perfectly. However, I found the old PSP’s loading time strange, because I also own such a console and Crisis Core ran faster on it.

Well, if it’s for the sake of advertising the new gaming device, I don’t need a test to tell me that Sony’s gadget is better. The Slim/Lite PSP was seen in action, showing its capacity till now and it’s clearly the gaming device of the future and a worthy rival for the Nintendo DS and GameBoy Advance. I may be mistaking, but it seems that the PSP on the right also features better graphics than the older console, but it might be the brighter display doing the trick.

There’s also a video comparison between the two Sony consoles below, running the famous Need for Speed: Carbon. The lower PSP is the newer one, as you might have figured out and the loading time difference is quite impressive. Sony have done a great job and they’ve just received an excellence award for their PS3 console, but I suspect that another one is coming, this time for its slimmer portable device. In case you’re drooling at the console and it hasn’t been launched in your country here’s the comparison video to feast on:

[Via Softpedia]



  1. Hi TheGeekGirl,

    It will just cost less than $200.I think it’s definitely better than the previous one.TV-out really makes it like as a PS2.


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