MemoryUp for Nokia Phones

Helps you to avoid lags and crashes on your phone.

For most smartphones, there are dozens of J2ME programming running in front-end or back-end, which takes lots of RAM from your smartphone. MemoryUp can monitor your system in the background, freeing resources when needed. Many smartphone owners have also installed J2ME programs on their phones. MemoryUp can help you to automatically analyze and recover up to 50% RAM occupied by your programs. The main features of MemoryUp includes: – Smart management of Java virtual machine (JVM) – Startup boost/Automatic boost/Manually quick boost for your choice – Real-time JVM RAM calculation & display – Warning/Auto-recovering RAM at your preset threshold – Run in the background and automatically help reclaim wasted memory on your smartphone – Effective utilization of memory resources – Intuitive interface and super easy-to-use for non-professional mobile users – Advanced boosting features (force system to use large cache, prohibit kernel to disk swapping, auto-allocate critical threads, etc.) for professional mobile users – Full support for Symbian S60 2nd & 3rd.

Compatible for all J2ME Nokia Phones:

Download to PC:

JAD file (memoryup.jad)

JAR file (memoryup.jar)

[Via GetJar]


One comment

  1. Dear Xpressmusic!

    I have a question about MemoryUp (I use it on my Nokia E61i).
    After open this aplication can/may I exit (and run int he background) or I have to hide it if I want it to works?

    Thanks a lot,
    Best regards,

    Peter Jordan

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