Nokia 5300 V5.0 Firmware

You can get the latest firmware for your Nokia 5300 right here!

Changes and Additions
– Music Player library has a slightly new layout (icons). Maybe quicker to use?
– Music Player library “Album view” shows eAAC+ tracks in random order: fixed (/discussions/board/message?
– Music Player: fast forward, while still per 5 seconds only, seems a bit quicker to respond.

Bugs noticed:

The # key doesn’t change between profiles.

Regarding dates: (output from *#0000#): Nokia 5300, v 05.00, 27-04-07, RM-146

Update Links:

Online Update for unlocked phones(SIM-Free)

Before you start, make sure you have met these requirements:

To install and run Nokia Software Updater application:
PC with 1GHz or higher Pentium-compatible processor
At least 256 MB of RAM (memory)
Windows 2000 (SP4 or later) or Windows XP (SP1 or SP2) or Windows Vista
Administration rights on the PC while installing
High-speed internet connection

To connect your phone to a PC:

Fully charged, compatible Nokia phone
Compatible Nokia USB connection cable
Compatible USB port on your PC

Step 2/2: Back-up data

Personal data such as contacts, photos and messages stored in the phone memory will be deleted during phone software update. It is strongly recommended that you backup this data to your memory card before updating your phone software.

To backup to your memory card:
select Tools > Memory from the main menu
select Options > Backup phone mem.

To restore info to phone memory:
select Tools > Memory from the main menu
select Options > Restore from card

Now click on the link below to proceed with the update

Offline Update for unlocked phones(SIM-Free)

Unpack this installation file to NSU “Documents and Settings” folder and NSU will update it.Please click on the link below to start the download.

DISCLAIMER:Do it at your own risk.



  1. Hi, first of all sorry if bad english

    1) Changes and Addition update:
    Slide animation setting not stored after N5300 restarting in v 3.92, RM-146
    >>in new v 05.00, 27-04-07, RM-146 this is fixed.

    2) To install and run Nokia Software Updater application:
    PC with 1GHz or higher Pentium-compatible processor IS RECOMMENDED
    >> but i succesfuly instaled this in 500Mhz Pentium III, only 256Mb RAM is REQUIRED,
    i had failed install with 128Mb RAM

    I think could exist a Virus for series s40!!
    I have nokia 5300. Life timer is only 2 hours on it. It has never dropped or else.
    After install a series of .jar applications from a russian site my signal is lost.
    I cancel a requested installation of a certificate from one site and from this date
    i lost signal. I deleted everything, i removed memory card etc.. I updated phone with
    new version 05.00 with succesfull but signal remain lost.
    Under Menu>Applications we found only 2 folders: Games and Collection
    Now i have Games=0,0kB and Collection=0,0kB
    Under Options>Memory status>Phone at Applications is value of 95,0kB. WHY?!?
    I think is some hidden .jar or else on this folder which take control of my signal.
    I used MobyExplorer and Nokia PC suite to find some strange file but this system folder
    is not displayed there.
    I read from Authority certificate site UTI (Unified Testing Initiative) is possible
    a Java uncertified software to take control over a phone essential functions.
    Many peoples say is not virus for s40 only s60 but is not true! Some is happen with my phone!
    Please if someone want to help me to move in him phone the content from this folders to remain empty
    and follow to see how many kb is displayed under him that memory status @ Aplications.
    Thank you!

  2. hi all,
    I think I might have a virus on my 5300 too.
    I bought this device in august,2007.already had V5.0 Firmware on it, everything was fine, until i installed an application called “blue bug” and shared with my fiend, so we tried attacking each others phones with this bluebug just to see what it does(that was a stupid idea),
    anyway on the same day, but just alittle bit later i noticed a new opnion in my main menu called “IM”.
    I gues this means “instant messaging”, but when i select it, the phone shows a text “program not found”, on the same day i had problems erasing my old messages, and reading them as well.
    I switched off the phone, and had problems switching it back on(I have them even until now)…
    the phone is not working propertly..
    I cant get any of the applications started,except the “musicgues”, because the phone stops responding..
    turning it on is a chalange too, because when i do that after i have entered the PIN code the screen flashes about 4 times and turns off.. but sometimes after those flashes it turns on.
    I have tried updating the firmware, but as it was already the newest so i had to reinstall it with the nokia software updater
    it gave no results anyway..
    CAN ANYONE HELP ME,please? :((((((((

  3. knock your head with your phone, and see whether it changes. Who asked you to install dubious stuff!

    On the other hand, try appealling for a warranty. If worst comes to the worst, you probably have to get your phone to a nokia care shop and ask them to reinstall the software within.

    I know this kind of things drove you nuts, and i sympathise, man. My phone soundboard got damaged and i spent 2 months without it.

  4. thanks, already working.. before two week i appealed for warranty.. today thay gave it beck to me.. they only reinstalled the software.. thanks anyway 🙂

  5. hai friends

    i am nokia 5300 holder

    can i get firmware version (latest) in download not in updating method

    because i have disconnected to link many time while updating

    so please send software to my mail

    waiting for ur software

  6. i just bought nokia 5300 last week, and it shows that the software details is V 05.00,27-04-07,RM-146. the # key works, loudspeakers sounds cool, just love this phone..
    but do it have any differences with V 05.51?? and if it’s so, does it much?? and do i have to upgrading it???

    thanks before..

  7. i’m having trouble upgrading my 5300’s firmware to V5.5. half way down the process when the phone is in Test Mode and the upgrade is being installed, suddenly the NSU gives out an error ‘connection to phone lost’. i’ve tried reconnecting many times but it doesnt help. any ideas?

  8. plese i need the firmware for my nokia 5300 the v.5.00. I already update my fone the las v5.51 bat is not suported and lost my configration of Vodafone from portugal, the link is comment is not work. im sory for my bad inglish

  9. I have 5300. i’ve been searching gps application for months. i have found and downloaded a lot ,but every time i open it says web-access set to not allowed, and it won’t me allow it. And for some other application… 7|14|08

  10. dear Gacachunks,

    it seem u hv problem with application access. here r the tips:

    go to ur place where u keep ur java games/app, select the app but not start it, go to options> Application access> network access> always allowed.

    u can check it urself..

    sorry, english is not my nature language.. maybe hard to understand..

  11. hi friends,

    whassup all..can anyone help me 2 find the new frimware for nokia 5300
    can anyone paste a link for updating ..with offline updater… software..


  12. who can help me? How to update phone 5300 with offline update? I download it already. but i don know how to install it. I hope all of you are kind. thanks before

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