Parents Say: “We Hate the Wii Gun Remote”

Teenage violence can’t be blamed on a controller…

I’m sure you’ve heard about parents blaming Marilyn Manson or Manhunt for the teenage murders happening recently, but now it’s Nintendo’s turn to take some blame.The long awaited Gun Remote, one of the Wii’s top controllers is being labeled as a threat to the gaming kids’ minds, making them want to use a real one.

Everything started when the “Parental Guidance” section from posted the parents’ opinion about the new Wii controller. One of the angry parents was bothered by the fact that the Gun Remote will be responsible for “children with guns learning how to aim and shoot. Then we can sit back and wonder what is happening to our country with kids killing kids……what’s next? Could we make it squirt blood, too”.

A concerned grandparent also mentioned that the new accessory should come with an NRA application, in order to teach the kids some proper gun wielding techniques. Well, I guess that the angry group posting on the site never saw a Gun Remote, since they think it resembles a real gun. All the controller needs to be more harmless is to be made available in pink and feature teddy bear stickers attached to it. I really can’t see where the problem lies, as we’ve been using the PSX gun for more than 10 years now and that really looked like a genuine pistol, without causing so much trouble.

I bet that if Nintendo decides to release a Zelda sword joystick, all of the above-mentioned parents will start giving examples of recent stabbings and other such criminal actions, once again blaming Nintendo for their accessory. In my opinion, joysticks are not the ones that make kids become violent, as they can be taught that the gadgets are not real and that they should never use a real gun. How hard is it to teach a child not to turn his Resident Evil 4 passion into a real life killing spree?

[Via Softpedia]


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