New KD Player v0.8.3 released

[UPDATED]Newest KD Player (v0.8.9)is now available here.
KD Player v0.8.3 by Knyzhov Dmitry

The latest version has improved greatly.It is more likely to replace your preinstalled music player(Walkman 1.0 and music players on the 6233 and 6280).Really I want a new XpressMusic interface! You really have to try this software.Its great, fast and especially unique.

v0.8.3 (en)

[UPDATED]Newest KD Player (v0.8.9)is now available here.

KD Player portals here.

[UPDATED]Newest KD Player (v0.8.9)is now available here.



  1. @Sagar:
    Unfortunately, video playback was removed on the latest version.

    Hope this will be addressed in the next release.

    No prob.Anyway, enjoy the software.

    To all:
    Thanks for visiting and downloading KD Player!!! Please do check again for more updates.

  2. Albs,

    Yes It does support files other than Mp3(Depends on your phone).So far, it can play MP3, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA music files only.


    I don’t have any idea about creating skins for that software….Maybe it can done on mspaint or photoshop cs3.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for the amazing player.. I love it.
    I’m using it in Nokia 6300. when i try to minimize the player, it doesn’t.. is it possible to minimize the player and view the desktop. And why does it always ask permission to access the media card when i try to add some music to the play list.

    thanks xpressmusic



  4. hi

    I am using nokia 6280 and when i try to play any of the music it come up with the message “Playing impossible! Exception: Device error” anyone else come up with this message

  5. Hello, its a great app, but in my nokia e62 ever ask me to enable data owner reading to start play a new song in the play list or in the autoplaylist. Can help me or explain why occur this?

  6. Raj,

    Minimize function is not possible on Nokia Series 40 phones.Why does the phone always asks for permission? For security reasons.


    Try to install the app again.It may be corrupted.


    I think it’s possible on KD player v0.5.6 but not on the latest.


    It’s just normal.Same thing with S40 Phones.Used for security reasons.


    The latest version doesn’t support videos anymore.

    Thanks for visiting!!!

  7. I’m using KD player 0.8.1 version ..I like all the features but I want fast forward function ….Im having difficulty when I want to skip a 5 seconds of song or get back …I hope this feature is requested by many and required by many

  8. I’m using a nokia 6288 and this program isn’t working. i tried the series 40 one aswell and it won’t let me open files but it will let me get the songs off my phone can you fix this?

  9. hey xpress thanks for the link!

    it’s working nicely on my 6233 and i’m really liking it save for the fact that it CAN’T be minimized unlike the default media player (hm how about if i upgrade to the 5.41 fw ver? i’m currently on the 5.10)

    also, am i missing somethin’ here? CAN’T forward or rewind music tracks here can we? it’s not included in the functions indicated in the “help” section

    if this can be minimized, can enable different skins and and play videos (plus fw and rw) then this will be close to perfection

  10. doesnt work on nokia 6280 , when i try to scan the folders it allows to scan e:\ or c:\ and neither refreshes the song list .
    it doesnt show the SD card to scan from… whyyyyyyyyy?

  11. C:/ and E:/ CANT ADD MUSIC – solution

    Hey guys, so ive found the problem to why people can’t add music when it comes to the c:/ ad e:/ folders. your phone and thanks to your service providers, i assume, has blocked certain functions of java applications. On my nokia 6275i for instance, with solo mobile, they blocked all java apps to access phone data and stuff like that.

    When u go to a java application on you phone wherever it might be, weather on a sd card of phone memory, if u go to options > appication access > data access > read user data – it will be set to Not allowed… this blocks your java app to access fie on your phone. example. MUSIC!!!

    I have found a solution. or search google for Nokia Diego Software and read up on some tutorials.

    it has a step by step tutorial on how to fix it.

    NOTE: for those of you who are experienced in using NOKIA DIEGO software. all you need to do is change the java settings.

    PRI ID Settings > Generic Features > Middleware > Java (J2ME) > Java Settings – Then in the window change the Java Configurations to Option 0

    When the phone resets, go to the java application and set options > appication access > data access > read user data – to Ask every time

    When you open the program, and look for music, the C:/ directory is the gallery menu and the E:/ i the memory card.

    This works for series 40 phones. including Nokia 6275i

  12. I have downloaded it on 10th Oct 2007. Its gr8. I am using it on my NOKIA 6275. Its sound quality is far more gr8 than my default inbuilt player supplied by NOKIA. A graphic equalizer would be more good.

  13. I am not able to play any mp3 on Nokia 5200.

    It says “Playing Impossible! Exception: device error”

    Does it supports Nokia 5200, if yes then is there any solution to
    my problem..

    I need this player badly as Nokia 5200 Music player has few shortcomings, like you can not open a particular file, and update library does not work properly for large database, can not creat playlist ..

  14. Anyone knows why my Nokia 5300 always asks for permission? ): it’s getting on my nerves when i want to fall asleep to my music and it doesn’t continue onto the next track!

    And anyone knows a mass add method? I’ve got like 500 tracks and adding them is such a mad chore too. A m3u playlist doesn’t work for me either.

    Someone, help me if you can (and i’m sure there’re some other people with these problems) Thanks.

  15. It is an inherent problem with the Nokia S40 software that it doesn’t allow app. data access to be set to ‘always allow’. Because of that you will have to allow it every time you want to change to a new track. Kind of irritating.

  16. hi,

    ppl with nokia and are having “Playing Impossible! Exception: device error”

    try resetting to factory setting. it worked 4me.

  17. Hi

    Have a 6280 and have the same problem “Playing Impossible! Exception: device error”
    I tried the factory reset, didn’t worked for me 😦
    any other ideas???

  18. for all s40 phone users the problem with “Playing Impossible! Exception: device error” is that u have application tones turned off under our current profile, just edit our profile settings and turn on application tones.

  19. How can I give full access to the program?…. as KDPLAYER always asks for access permission whenever I start the application or when a track is finished. The options for full read/write rights are inaccessible in my phone. Please help.

  20. am download this in to my nokia6233.when i using this my set will restart.many time i tried to play this but no ……… y? pls tell….

  21. Anyone know how to add music on the kd player i have a nokia 5300 and i have a kd player on it buts its the Windows Media Player Skin and i have no idead how to add music anyone please help

  22. i really need a music player for my phone.My phone have just been repair from a shop n i realize that the bulid in music player is gone.Help please…

  23. Thanks Zealos, i can use kd player now on my nokia 6280.i just follow ur tips..edit my profile settings and turn on application tones. Thanks a lot…

  24. if it says ” unable to open file,exception:device error”, maybe your cellphone is on silent mode. just activate another profile in your cellphone and the kd player will already play songs. it worked for me

  25. your kd player version is excellent for seeing but to day i tried for downloading, but the link is unavailable. so send a correct link for 6233 phone.
    Thank u

  26. i have a lg kg290. i have downloaded kd player it works but when i try to add files it says ‘a midlet thread threw an uncaught exception.kill the midlet yes/no.if i say no it hangs the player plz i need this player someone help

  27. i am currently using d w610i… i installed it n my phone by pasting d jar file of d kd player… it also got intalled…but doesn’t seem 2 detect any of d songs from my cell… all are mp3…plz help me out..

  28. Problem: “Playing Impossible! Exception: device error”
    Cause: U turn off Application tones under our current profile
    Solution: Edit ur current Profile Settings and turn on application tones.


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