Math teacher assigns sexually-charged SMS text messaging homework


So, there’s this math teacher in Grand Prairie, Texas. He’s evidently a little wacky in the head and perhaps even a bit bored with his job. What’s a bored, and possibly sexually deviant math teacher to do? Well, MyFox Dallas reports that this guy assigned his 6th-grade math class a homework assignment in which the kids were to decode a set of 20 popular SMS text message codes. Among them were the abbreviations for “Nude in front of computer,” “Parent over shoulder” and “Keep parents clueless.”

We can’t imagine what would prompt the teacher do assign such a perverted and consipicuous task. But, we do know that the parents of those school-children were pretty pissed.

Interestingly, the school has spoken to the teacher and won’t comment on whether disciplinary action would be taken. Could this have all been an embarrassing mistake? Needless to say, all eye are going to be on this guy for a long time.

[Via:, Intomobile]


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