Santa Brings 8GB Nokia N95 at Vodafone for Christmas

Have you been good enough?

 Vodafone UK is looking forward to bring some shiny new toys to the subscribers that have been good all year long. In the company’s handset range for this year’s Christmas, the 8GB version of Nokia N95 is one that will surely attract the interest of many customers out there.

The most promising thing about Vodafone’s offer for this winter is that it brings some really powerful “iPhone killers”, with the 8GB version of Nokia N95 and Samsung F700 too. From what it looks like up to this point, the company will not carry Apple’s phone in Europe, as they have made no official announcement on it. Still, the fact that no other operator has set the start in making these statements leaves some crumbs of possibility that the initial rumors stating Vodafone as the iPhone’s European carrier are not completely washed away.

The first version of Nokia N95 was pretty capable of competing with the iPhone too. Now that the smartphone has boosted some new performances, the chances are that it will also manage to surpass Apple’s handset and make up for its lack in Vodafone’s offer.

The large 8GB memory space that the iPhone used to bring has been topped by the new black Nokia N95. Still, Apple might not just stand and watch how its phone gets surpassed at its evolved features. Rumors state that the European version of the iPhone will be packed with some impressive 16 GB of internal memory.

3G support is also an important matter, as Nokia N95 is capable of providing this feature and the iPhone is still not. The 5 megapixel camera on this handset is also meant to take captures at a fairly high quality, much better than that of the iPhone’s.

Vodafone has made no specifications on the exact date or price when the black 8GB version of Nokia N95 will hit its stores for a UK release. One thing is sure, this should happen in the near future, before Christmas.

[Via Softpedia]


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