PSP Slim Hacked. Already…?!

History repeats itself, didn’t you know it?

The PSP Slim has barely hit some markets on the globe and already homebrewers have released a custom firmware for it. The fact that they’ve done it in such a short period of time was good enough, but wait till you see the possibilities.Guys at Sony are probably scratching their eyes as we speak.You’d think that they put a lot of time and effort in securing the PSP Slim, given that its older twin has been downgraded to its limits.

The news comes via, and here’s what they reveal: “…Team M33 have just released their do-it-all custom firmware (version 3.6, for those keeping score at home), thus confirming Pandora’s Battery as a “go” (amongst other things) on the new systems.” Also, hardcore gamers and (future) owners of Sony’s new handheld “will be “pleased to know that homebrews from the GAME, GAME150 and GAME360 directories load fine, though some homebrews written specifically for the 1.50 kernel won’t run properly (due to some hardware and screen problems on the Slim).”

But basically, everything falls in the right place and if some things can’t manage to do that, it’s really just a matter of time before they do. Anything to get those games and apps for free, right? History repeats itself.

Now, Sony could make sure that their new system remains untouched by many, but that would mean screwing up honest gamers’ game… literally, and then the company will have yet another bad selling system included in their portfolio. Yes, the PS3 is still lagging behind, didn’t you know?

So what Sony can bet on is selling a lot of PSP Slims, but if they want to make some change rolling out games for it… Nope, too risky. Gamers will do everything in their powers to get them for free, and even more when they know that they don’t actually have to pop it open and solder a mod chip. All they need is for Team M33 to keep busy and thank them later for when they downgrade their systems. What a wonderful world… Heh!

[Via Softpedia]


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