Nokia Prism Collection Hits India

The two phones look like they will fit in just perfectly

The two handsets, part of the Nokia Prism collection, will be available on a new market from now on. Nokia 7900 and Nokia 7500 Prism have just been launched in India on the occasion of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

This collection shows the daring side of Nokia and looks to break the lines set by its classic phone models with a fresh and modern look. In fact, the design is what makes these two handsets so special, as their specification list is far from being able to impress anyone.

“The mobile phone as a style and fashion accessory is gaining importance in India. We have pioneered the concept of fashion phones and are happy to launch our latest offering in the space- the Prism collection”, said Nokia Marketing Director Devinder Kishore. Moreover, on the same occasion, Nokia has announced an agreement closed with leading designer Rocky S to create an exclusive collection inspired by the Prism collection. So there’s more from where these two came from.

What the two handsets part of Nokia’s prism collection have in common is the unique diamond-cut design, with sharp-angled lines, geometric patterns and graphic light-refracting colors. They have slightly different designs, which also reflect the distinct capabilities that the phones come packed with.

They both have 2 megapixel cameras, but Nokia 7900 is also 3G enabled, one feature that many people will consider to be important. Moreover, it has an internal memory of 1GB, but leaves room for no possibilities of expanding it. On the other hand, Nokia 7500 has a microSD card slot, but only 30 MB of internal memory.

Nokia, however, did not reveal the prices that these two handset will be available for, although they should come close to those announced for their first release, meaning EUR 400 for the Nokia 7900, and EUR 210 for the Nokia 7500 Prism.

[Via Softpedia]


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