New version of KD Player V0.8.1

Now with Album art & Visualizations!

[UPDATED]Newest KD Player v0.8.9 is now available here.
The latest version has improved greatly.It is more likely to replace your preinstalled music player(Walkman 1.0 and music players on the 6233 and 6280).Expect more great features on the next release set.I want a new XpressMusic style interface! Bring it on please?The KD Player has many new added features including:

1.Album Art
2.Skin support
5.Auto Playlist
6.New Interface
8.Faster loading times
9.Refresh Library option

*Video playback is now removed.


[UPDATED]Newest KD Player v0.8.9 is now available here.

Download Winamp Skin for KD Player



The KD Player is a freeware.It is made possible by Mr.Knyzhov Dmitry.Great Job!
New KD Player blogspot page here.

[UPDATED]Newest KD Player v0.8.9 is now available here.



  1. C:/ and E:/ CANT ADD MUSIC – solution

    Hey guys, so ive found the problem to why people can’t add music when it comes to the c:/ ad e:/ folders. your phone and thanks to your service providers, i assume, has blocked certain functions of java applications. On my nokia 6275i for instance, with solo mobile, they blocked all java apps to access phone data and stuff like that.

    When u go to a java application on you phone wherever it might be, weather on a sd card of phone memory, if u go to options > appication access > data access > read user data – it will be set to Not allowed… this blocks your java app to access fie on your phone. example. MUSIC!!!

    I have found a solution. (will be up soon) or search google for Nokia Diego Software and read up on some tutorials.

    it has a step by step tutorial on how to fix it.

    NOTE: for those of you who are experienced in using NOKIA DIEGO software. all you need to do is change the java settings.

    PRI ID Settings > Generic Features > Middleware > Java (J2ME) > Java Settings – Then in the window change the Java Configurations to Option 0

    When the phone resets, go to the java application and set options > appication access > data access > read user data – to Ask every time

    When you open the program, and look for music, the C:/ directory is the gallery menu and the E:/ i the memory card.

    This works for series 40 phones. including Nokia 6275i

  2. I have Nokia6230i , and i can’t run movie’s (*.3gp) . The Kd player even don’t see them . Anybody know where is the problem ?

  3. i got new version but when i add files it shows in player but i got error “Cannot creat file! “mp3 song name” device error. please help me…………..

  4. i can’t allow java app to access files on my phone (6275i) with Diego… None of the 6 options allows me to do that. The best i can do is ask everytime but i have 500 songs… any dolutions? i’m with virgin mobile

  5. FIle NOT found??? Please do something about that.. I REALLY REALLY nedd this player instead of the CRAPPY 6233 music player!! Pleeeeaasse hellllp!

  6. Hey!! THat player doesn’t work for My 6233.. The interface has everything in 000000s the player opens, it shows me the sony walkman phone’s logo, then i can’t read any of the script cuz its 00 00 0000 something like that… SOMEBODY HELPPP!!

  7. Okay sorry i panicked, the othe link worked, but the problem now is the data access, it keeps prompting me to allow it to access each time i open it..

  8. hi All,
    i have recently used KD player in my nokia 5300
    but it does not minimise, Please can anyone tell me what is problem, rest all functions properly

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