Disconnected from the Internet for Downloading Too Much

Comcast restricts the Internet access for some users

Comcast, one of the largest ISPs in the US, took the decision to restrict the Internet access for some of its customers because they download too much. Although it might sound a little bit shocking nowadays that you can’t download as much as you want, the company disconnected the users as they were slowing down the entire network and increased the latency and the loading times for all the other users. AFP reported that in order to get a notification from the parent company you have to download 1,000 songs or four films from the Internet. However, every consumer has 30 days at disposal to resolve the matter and to avoid the disconnection.

Obviously, some of the users were outraged by the decision since their contracts clearly mention they have unlimited access which also means they can download as much as they want without any restriction. According to the same source, a Comcast customer from Rockville, Washington, already filed a complaint accusing the company of removing the Internet access even if he has unlimited access.

It’s no longer a secret that most of the users connected to the Internet download almost anything starting with movies, songs or games and ending with documents, pictures and other content that can be stored on their computers. The decision taken by the Comcast officials is somehow fair for the other customers who are using the web only for browsing because they are forced to suffer huge loading times because others are leaving their computers open to download large files.

But on the other side, the decision is ridiculous because the company has to assure as much bandwidth as it needs since the contracts mention it provides unlimited access. Anyway, let’s wait a while and see what happens because I don’t think the case is ended. At least not now and not when the company has so many outraged consumers.

[Via Softpedia]


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