Hacking Windows Pinball

The Cheat
Okay, first up for those who perhaps are not so interested in spending many hours trawling through pages and pages of assembler code, I’ll skip straight to the good bits and give you a run down of the sneaky CHEAT_MODE I found hidden in the pinball game included with windows XP.

Load up the game and type the words hidden test. Looks pretty normal? Well, as your ball is flyin’ ’round, click on the pinball machine. Drag your mouse around. The ball follows your every command – blatantly ignoring the laws of gravity we have come to expect it to follow!

There’s more too. The “hidden test” mode has a bunch of functions put in there to help the developers out during the game’s creation. Here’s ones I found, or can see in the code:

h: Shows the high-score table, with an entry of 1,000,000,000 for you to put your name next to.
m: Shows the amount of system memory
r: Increases your “rank” in the game
y: Shows the game frame rate in the title
These ones I can see are trapped in the code, but I can’t see what they do:
b, F11, F12, F15 (how do you do that? Key code 0x7E)

There also seems to be some way to turn it off, but I can’t figure it out. And also I keep making the graphix do wacky things, as if I haven’t pushed the cartridge in to the Megadrive properly or something.

I had a quick google around for cheats for this game – I found all the other cheats in the game: 1max = free ball, gmax = the gravity thing etc… but no sites listed the “hidden test” cheat. So I’m assuming that no one bothered to pull the key-handling code to bits.

[Via MrSpeaker]


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