More Nokia 5300 Transformers Edition Pictures

Here are some more pics of the all black Nokia 5300 Transformers edition. I must say that the black 5300 just looks so much better than the original white one. Here we also get a glimpse of the Transformers collectible item.


[Via JustAMP]



  1. i’ve asked the price of this yesterday @ robinsons, & its just the same price as the regular 5300—Php7,800
    but this one is definitely much better in looks & when held in hand..
    & it comes w/ a free transformer crystal casing.

  2. Ok thanks for the info Hags.I think all of the stocks there are MADE IN CHINA or else MADE BY NOKIA.I was hoping that they will improve the battery life but still we’ve got a BL-5B 760MaH to stumble up to.BTW, the price range of the Nokia 5300 TF Edition will be from Php7,500 to Php 10,000.

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