Nokia XpressMusic Transformers Edition Phones

It’s Finally Here! Lets Transform!

So, N93i is not the only Transformers Edition phone after all. Now, we have two other Nokia handsets joining the Transformers Edition series – the 5300 Black and the music-centric smartphone 5700. As you can see from the image above and more to follow after the break.The sales package is spiced up with various Transformers phone collectibles, and I guess Transformers content like ringtones and wallpapers. By targeting younger audience, these two phones should better match the overall Transformers image or at least, that’s my take.

Remember that cool all black 5300 we saw a while back? Well, apparently this black edition is a limited Transformers edition like the 5700 XpressMusic and N93i (but to a less extent). The phone comes with blue keypad lights and limited edition Transformers phone collectibles inside the package.

The Nokia 5700 XpressMusic Transformers Edition

Nokia 5700 TF Edition at the Nokia Go Play Event

[Via Intomobile and JustAMPblog]



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