New Nokia Mobile Phones Unveiled Today at Nokia GoPlay

5 new mobile phones, music store, N-Gage platform…what a crowd

Nokia will be releasing at least five new mobile phone models today, at the Nokia GoPlay in London. The devices have been long expected and have also received some last minute official photos, which makes it clear that they are heading towards a release.

The event that will take place today has been long expected and people have been taunted by leaked images and promises of close releases. The Finnish company has even launched a viral marketing site to announce the event, although it has remained unchanged up to this point.

The line of mobile phones set for today’s major release includes some highly appealing ones, such as the 8GB Nokia N95 version, Nokia N81 and three XpressMusic devices: the Nokia 5700 Black Edition, the Nokia 5610 and the Nokia 5310. All these handsets have received official images, just as it happens with such devices on an official unveiling.

Nokia N81 is probably the most expected device of them all, without taking any credit away from the 8GB Nokia N95 model. In fact, both handsets come with a stunning 8 GB memory, the largest included up to this point in mobile phones. They manage to top the iPhone at this aspect, although they present some drawbacks at other ones.

The XpressMusic devices make another evolved solution from the Finnish producer when it comes to bringing music phones capable of competing with the competitors’ devices. They will all be S40 handsets capable of providing evolved music listening solutions. They will come in black cases, with side buttons for easy playlist handling.

Today’s London event will also be the place where Nokia’s music store will launch, looking to make tough competition for iTunes over time. Moreover, the N-Gage platform should also receive a presentation during this event, which will surely make a busy day for Nokia.

[Via Softpedia]


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