The Gartner Mobile Phone Sales Report for Q2 2007

Nokia still on the driver’s seat…

Gartner is a market-research firm that comes out with nice statistics for mobile phone sales each quarter. And last quarter (Q2), the following happened.Nokia still leads while Motorola and Samsung captures the 2nd and 3rd spot.Sony Ericsson gained 3% increase on its sales.Nice report.

  • Nokia sold almost 100 million mobile phones (99.96) and gained 3 points of market share, to 36.9%
  • Motorola sold 39.48 million phones, but lost 7 points of market share: now sitting at 14.6%
  • Motorola regained the #2 phone manufacturer title due to sales
  • Samsung is back in third place, with 36.19 million phones sold. Market share is at 13.4%, a shade below Motorola
  • Sony Ericsson gained almost 3 percentage points of market share to 9%
  • LG increased market share to 6.8%
  • The Asia Pacific market took the lead in percentage sales growth, with 40.7% more handsets sold from last year
  • Sadly, in North America phone sales only grew by 7%

According to MarketWatch, Motorola regained its second place status from price cuts in Western Europe, among other regions. Uh oh – isn’t this what caused the downfall of the RAZR?

MarketWatch: Handset sales up 17% in 2nd quarter, says Gartner

[Via Nokia Phone Blog]


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