Get money instantly with surveys!

A site where you can make money out of surveys and also referrals!

AWsurveys is a website that focus on giving out paid surveys. As a paid survey site, this site is considered as the most high paying site as of now .They currently pays a survey ranges $1 to $6 which is pretty good for a survey site.The best catch here,they are Currently offering $1.25 Per Friend that Registers for Free! So What are you waiting for? Join now!

Click on textlink or banner to signup.Thanks and Good Luck!

$6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration!




  1. Interesting proof of payment since I understood that AW Surveys required a minimum $75 payment. That proof of payment is only for $50 though. Did they change their terms? No, I just logged into my account there and it is still $75.

    I have heard quite a few stories about non-payment from these guys and I have no idea what to believe. I suppose I will have to keep taking surveys and get to $75 myself. I certainly won’t be recommending them until I can prove that they pay.

  2. Hi,

    They currently deduct $25(That’s big)for paypal payments only..but for check payments its free.You will need patience here because the checks usually arrives within 4-6 weeks..

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