OS X Themes for Nokia Phones

The themes on this page are free to download, and you can use the screen shots on your own sites – but please link back to this page for the actual download (not to direct files).Themes are created using Nokia’s Theme Studios (Windows only – why?, it’s Java). It’s a slow and painful process running a java application inside of Windows inside of OS X.

Nokia Series 40 (3rd Edition) OS X Theme


Download this theme:
320 x 240 resolution screens(for Nokia 5300, 6233, 7390, 6265, 6270 and 6280 phones)
Download : ZIP
Download : NTH

128 x 160 resolution screens(for Nokia 6111, 5200, 3110C, 3109C and 7360 phones)
Download : ZIP
Download : NTH

For Nokia Series 40 (2nd Edition) OS X Themes CLICK HERE

Series 60 3rd Edition (Symbian) OS X Theme 

Creating a Series 60 (S60) version of my earlier Series 40 phone theme has been much trickier than I had planned for. As a new S60 user I’ve learned that there’s still a lot of the operating system left for me to learn/use/see. So I’ve done the best I could given the amount of free time that I’ve had. I’m also a perfectionist and realize that there’s still more for me to work on (like skinning the music player, if possible). I still haven’t figured out how to change the icons for everything (the Office Tools Folder and Help Folder in particular). But instead of keeping everyone waiting another 4 or 5 months (and really annoying my wife to boot) I’ve decided to release a solid “beta.” So far, it’s only been tested on my E70, but it should work on any 3rd edition of S60 to some degree. Please take a look at the list of known issues first – some of which I can probably fix and some I just don’t know how, send me a note if you have any solutions. I’ll continue to update the theme, but the process will be slow. In the meantime click on the document icon to download a zipped-up .sis file.

OS X Theme for Series 60 3rd Edition

-For Nokia N95 , N93/N93i, N80, N73, E90, E65, N77, N92, N76, 6290, 6110N

OS X Theme for Series 60 2nd Edition

-Nokia 6680, 6630, 3230, 6260, 6600, 6670 and 7610-

OS X Theme for Series 60 2nd Edition FP3

-Nokia N90, N70, N70ME, N72-

To install the theme you’ll need to do the following:

1.Expand the zip file so that you see “Beta11.sis” on your desktop
2.On your phone, go to Tools>App. mgr. then click on the “Options” soft key
3.Then select “Settings”
4.Set “Software installation” to “All”
5.Set “Online certif. check” to “Off”
6.Then send the theme from your computer to your phone***
7.You’ll get a new message in your in box, open it up and click “OK” several times, choosing where you want the theme installed
8.Go to Tools>Themes and select “Beta11”
***The simplest process on the Mac is to use Bluetooth, not sure how you’d do it on a PC or with a data cable.

The themes displayed on this page are created and owned by Mr.Dan Schwartz.
The source page can be shown here.

Finally, for a token of appreciation please take a look at his freelance design web site www.90seven.com Enjoy, and thanks for all the interest – it really is a small world.



  1. I too get the expired certificate, on my Nokia N95.

    Used to have this theme on my Nokia 6280 and would love to get it back again.

    Any help would be great.


  2. Hi
    thanks for offering the download,
    would love to install it however I get
    the same message as above
    exp. cert. even though it is set on ‘off’.
    any help much appreciated!

    thank you

  3. Hello,

    Is there a way to check the screen resolution of a .sis file? Means before installing any .sis game, can we check its resolution? so that we could better understand that the game/software will work on our phone or not…


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