Nokia 5300 XpressMusic™ Tips and Tricks

Howdy,XpressMusic Lovers! Tips and Tricks for your phone.
Great Phone, Great Music Player, Great All-Rounder for a Music-Centric Phone.

Nokia 5300 is a great music phone,but we admit that the battery life is so short.So we’ve come up with this tips and tricks that can help you save some juice out of your phone.Love the loudspeaker but don’t abuse it so much it might become unfunctional.Don’t set the volume to the maximum level when playing through the loudspeaker.I found the radio better and clearer when playing through the loudspeaker than the music player because the loudspeaker omits more treble than the bass.

Camera Tips:

1. Always set the NIGHT MODE option especially on night shots
2. Set the White Balance to Daylight – When outdoors (Day) Fluorescent – When indoors
3. For acceptable shots, set the resolution to 800 x 600.

NOTE: Using the camera will put up a big drain on your battery.

Battery Tip:

– Don’t always use the camera. Only when needed.
– Set Packet Data Connection to When Needed. Setting can be found on Settings>Connectivity>Packet Data
– Always turn on the Power Saver Feature.
– Turn off your Bluetooth when not in use.
– Turn off screensavers (These are only battery wasters)
– Always make sure that the phone has adequate signal. (If the phone is searching for signals, it drains a big part of the battery)
– I know its fun to play games, but it can decrease your battery so fast.
– The best of all,carry an extra battery if you’re a heavy user.

*If you have some tips other than the above mentioned,just enter it at the comment box.


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