Can’t Sleep? Travel Sleep Sound Generator Cures Insomnia!

The device is being marketed online

 Suffering from insomnia? Then check this out! Hammacher seems to have the perfect remedy against it. The company has come up with the Travel Sleep Sound Generator.

At a first glimpse, the device looks like a portable radio. Regarding its capabilities, it can reproduce up to 18 different digital sounds reordered from the outdoor environment. Among the recordings it performs, the device can reproduce bird songs, sounds of nature that are known for their calming and mood healing effects,such as ocean surf, spring rain or bamboo chimes.

Combined with a glass of hot cocoa and a warm pillow, this should lead to the perfect baby-like sleep.Besides that, the device can double itself as a digital alarm clock that helps you wake up in the morning, or else that ruins your precious sleep session.

The best news is this little fellow can actually be used in other places like hotel rooms or in the airplane, so if you happen to be afraid of flying, the integrated non-linear music should help you relax and overcome the ailments related to traveling through different time zones, as it can “reset the body internal clock”.

Apart from that, the device’s built-in sound generator has four time settings: continuous, 30, 60 or 90 minutes, but it can also be set to gradually decrease the volume before turning off. Besides being a great sleep aid, the Hammacher device is a full-packed alarm clock that enables the owner to rise to a nightingale nature sound.

In addition to the features I have already mentioned, the device comes with snooze button, calendar that shows the time in your zone area, current location. So if you happen to hear something interesting, just use the recorder.

Overall, I find the device to be a little bit cheap looking, and its integrated back-lit mono color LCD is rather dull and unattractive. The device is powered by four AA batteries. The Travel Sleep Sound Generator is priced around 90 bucks.

Source : By: Roxana Deduleasa, Gadget News Editor

[ Via  Softpedia]


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  1. If you are having trouble sleeping go to

    I have had incredible results from usin this CD and my daughter who is bi-polar is finally getting a good nights sleep.

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