New Nokia 5310 XpressMusic™ Info

I’m really getting excited and intrigued about it! Where are the pictures!

More Nokia 5310 XpressMusic™ leaks out.We brought you the XML file almost a month ago. We knew it was going to have :

– microSDHC support!(Means,It can sport future micro sd cards up to 32GB)

– Dedicated Music Buttons

– It will be ultra thin (it was compared to the Sony Ericsson W880 which is 9.5 mm thin) and black with a rubbery texture.

– New Music Player Interface

– S40 5th Edition

– A2DP support

– 320 x 240 screen with 16 Million Colour Display

– 2 Megapixel Camera

Best of all it is supposed to be very cheap.

The only downsides are :

– No 3G Support

– 2MP Camera no autofocus

We will just confirm if the phone does have a camera flash or not.So just tune in for more news about this upcoming music phone.

XpressMusic™ Rules! 

[ Some info’s are from Intomobile ]



  1. I’ve just bought a 5310 – I wanna expand the memory – the specs say it only goes up to 4MB but you indicate that it could go further…is this true?

  2. Yeah cheers, the thing is Nokia’s 4GB microSD card is almost ceertainly SDHC as the generic microSD cards only go up to 2GB. There is no standard 4GB SD card without the HC….????

    It’s a bit pathetic really. I rang Nokia and they didnt even know. Guess I’m just gonna have to bite the bullet and buy the 8GB card and see if it works.

    EDITED: Removed Profanity

  3. Intresseting, I’ve searched everywhere for this info but it always end with a single comment like that,

    nothing more and Nokia don’t comfirm it. And the Nokia branded 4 GB (MU-41) is only marked SD (not SDHC)

    From a conversation I overheard between engineers there seems like there also is hybrid card but this is not confirmed.

    Could you give a little more info like what brand and the spec. of the memory card you tried?

    A friend tried a 4 GB Sandisk SDHC in a store and it wasn’t recogniced by his 5310….

    So if there is someone with more info about this please share.

  4. hey! ive just brought the nOkia 5310, and was also wondering abotu all thsi shizzle

    so does it ACTUALLY take over 4GB cards?! becasue i can’t seem to find any 4GB SD cards (only SDHC)

    i just want to check all thsi shizz out before i screw up my new phone and waste dosh!

    please help!!!



  5. Late contribution but definite answer: I inserted my Sandisk micro SDHC 8Gb into my 5310. I works perfectly.
    This phone is definitely nearing perfection!

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