NEC N704iμ, with One Month Lasting Battery

The world’s slimmest W-CDMA clamshell;with long battery life too…

NEC has recently announced the launch of the N704iμ mobile phone model on the Japanese market. This is the world’s slimmest W-CDMA clamshell handset to come packed with 3G performances too.

NEC N704iμ is the successor of the N703iμ phone model and comes at a thickness of only 11.4 mm, thus earning a leading place among the most compact such devices out there. Moreover, it is highly comfortable to use and carry around, as it weighs a mere 90 grams.

The design is somewhat similar to other mobile phones available in Japan, which never make it outside the country. NEC N704iμ has a rectangular look, with no curved lines, but rather practical ones, with a smooth finish.

One more interesting aspect about it is that the handset is capable of a bright and colorful Led display of graphics and letters on the top casing, instead of an old-fashioned display screen. Moreover, the coasting is highly fashionable, with its stereoscopic patterns showing on the flat casing surface.

NEC N704iμ holds even more features to impress potential buyers. Its battery has a life of almost one month, depending on how the owner uses it. That makes it one of the longest-lasting batteries in the 3G FOMA series. It takes care of a lot of problems and running out of cell phone battery is not at all the kind of excuse the handset’s user will bring.

The handset also includes a 1.3 megapixel camera for taking captures at a quality below average. The fact that it is also 3G enabled offers the possibility of placing video calls. For this performance, there is also a secondary camera, visible when the clamshell is opened.

NEC N704iμ will be available from now on at NTT DoCoMo in Japan, with very few chances to see it reach markets outside this country.

Source : By: Elena Balan, Communications News Editor Softpedia

[Via Softpedia]
This would be a great news for heavy mobile users looking for more extra juice on their mobile month of battery life without charging is nearly impossible i think..maybe 2-3 weeks does make sense..


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