Nokia 6280 handset melted

Smoking Nokia Alarms Customer

Nokia is investigating claims that a new Nokia 6280 handset melted and produced smoke soon after it was first turned on.

David Crayford, a cab driver from Gloucester and a 3 customer, said his new 3G phone started overheating and ‘fizzing white smoke’ hours after switching it on for the first time.

Crayford had gone to his local mobile phone store, Advanced Mobile in Gloucester, to pick up a car-kit so he could use the phone in his cab.

The last moments of smoke coming out of the phone were captured on a mobile phone video in the store.

Crayford said he upgraded his contract directly from 3, who sent him the new 6280.

‘It’s a good job it didn’t do that while it was in my pocket or on the side of my head,’ he said.

Early indications suggest the problem could be related to the battery or charger. Crayford is adamant he only used the battery and charger provided by 3.

Nokia has faced previous problems of malfunctioning phones caused by counterfeit or ‘third party’ batteries and chargers. The manufacturer has tried to crack down on anyone mixing its own authentic products with ‘non genuine’ accessories in a bid to curb incidents of exploding phones and chargers – invariably caused by cheaper accessories used in original products.

Nokia is investigating the provenance of both the battery and the charger. The manufacturer had not been aware of the case until alerted by Mobile.

A spokesman for Nokia said: ‘All Nokia mobile phones are required to pass stringent safety checks before they are made available to customers. We are concerned to hear about this incident and would like to assure all customers that our goal is customer satisfaction and safety. In this particular case we will be arranging to examine the product and investigate the cause of the problem.’

Source : MobileToday

Post dated-11:28AM Mon 12 February 2007 


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