Get Money Instantly! How to Get Acquired by Google!

Send your idea to Google and wait…

It’s well known the fact that Google is one of the richest companies in the world so it’s quite obvious that a potential acquisition made by the Mountain View giant brings a huge amount of money to the bought firm.That’s why some of the business owners are hoping to get acquired by Google and become richer than before. Some of the entrepreneurs are even creating new businesses in order to get acquired by the giant companies and receive money for their little firms. Haochi from Googlified wrote today about a special Google page that allows you to send your company information to the Mountain View headquarter and wait to find you if you might get acquired by the search giant.

However, it’s not so easy to be bought by Google because the company’s representatives want to make sure that you really deserve to join the team at the Googleplex. According to the same source, once you filled in the form and sent your information to the Mountain View officials, you should receive an automated email that confirms the proposal.

“Thank you for your note. While we are not able to personally respond to all proposals, please be assured that we review every email we receive. If your proposal matches our current business and technology development needs, a Google representative will be in touch with you shortly. If your email is not related to business development, we encourage you to submit your message through the online contact form at Google Support.”

Google is that kind of company that likes to do big investments and this was proved by YouTube and its $1.65 billion acquisition and even DoubleClick with the $3.1 billion transaction. Until you become rich for selling your business to the Mountain View company, just try to do your best and who knows, maybe Google becomes interested in you without even sending an email to its representatives.

Source : By: Bogdan Popa, Security and Search Engines Editor

[Via Softpedia]


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