Nokia 5300 Phone Softwares


General software

Install software on your phone to help you get more out if its features.
Instructions for installing the files are located at the bottom of the page.

Nokia 5300 Converter
Converter enables you to convert values from one unit into another one very easily. You can choose between 6 predefined categories (Temperature, Currency, Weight, Length, Area, Volume). There are predefined conversions for each category which can be edited, added, renamed and deleted (except Temperature conversions). If you need a conversion which is not predefined, you can enter own conversions. 100.0 KB English Download software

Nokia 5300 Sensor
The Nokia Sensor application consists of a bundle of features enriching social interaction among spatially proximate mobile phone users. It facilitates novel communications among acquainted, semi-acquainted or non-acquainted users, without cost. The Sensor main features are the Sensor Folio (a mobile homepage), Messaging, Guestbook, My Collection (content the user offers to others), Scanning Proximity (finding other Sensor users in close vicinity). 309.0 KB English Download software

Nokia 5300 Pro Snowboard
Pro Snowboard is a snow board action game. 370.0 KB EnglishDownload Software

Nokia 5300 3D Soccer
Soccer 3D is a high action game. Choose your team from a high number of available countries. Train your skills by playing single matches against any country. Get a highscore by playing a tournament against a random group of seven teams. Play against your friends via Bluetooth. You can configure your game to your needs: change the camera view, difficulty, game time,.. 312.0 KB EnglishDownload software

Nokia 5300 3D Snake
This is the classic Snake game converted into the third dimension. The player can customize his/her game experience by activating several new features and options to his/her liking, in both single- and multiplayer games. Three different game modes (Classic, Custom and Adventure) are available. Classic and Custom may be played against a human opponent via BT, while Adventure mode is for single players only. In a custom game, the player can speed up the overall game experience a lot – perfect for a challenging, quick game in-between. This game takes full advantage of the new 3D graphics and audio capabilities of cutting-edge phones. 3D audio sound will help the player navigate through the maze by locating acoustically new bonus items and fruits – and to identify the position of the opponent in multiplayer. 297.0 KB EnglishDownload Software

Note: These are replacement files for the applications preloaded on the memory card included with your Nokia phone.

Installing phone software

  • Download the file to a compatible PC. If it is a ZIP file, you may need to extract it manually before continuing.
  • Transfer it to your phone using Nokia PC Suite and a Nokia Connectivity Cable DKE-2 or wireless connection.
  • For more information on installing applications in your phone, please see your phone’s
    user guide.

SOURCE : Nokia Europe N5300 Page



  1. Chung thanks for the info about this.I’ve now update the N5300 Software page.The links should be working now.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


  2. i’m looking for dictionary for my 5300…
    i try to download it at but it doesn’t work. the link can’t be clicked… 😦

  3. i dont know how long i;ve been searching for NK5300 english-english dictionary…why theres none of these software exist? can i request for the software here? pretty plsss…=(

  4. Hello I accidentally deleted my Ring tone cutter and Sensor application from my Nokia 5300. How can i get back those valuable applications. Pls anyone help me. My email address is
    please do help me. My mobile no is +919840842130

  5. I need the calculator application very badly- somehow it disappeared from my phone. Is there any way you could email it to me? The downloads don’t seem to be working. I tried updating the firmware, but it’s still not there… I don’t know what to do. Help?

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