Nokia Wants GPS in All Its Phones

Every single one of them?

Nokia sees a great potential in GPS enabled mobile phones. Such a feature is highly useful in many situations, which might make it just as common as a camera in the future Nokia phone models.

The Finnish company has already included GPS in a large number of handsets, but is now thinking of making
it a standard feature for its future releases. These plans regard even the cheaper handsets and not only the
high-end ones, as it has been the case until now.

With this solution, Nokia has a high chance of surpassing its competitors which fail in offering this performance for devices found in the same price range. At a long term, it might very well mean that they will manage to strengthen the position as world leading mobile phone producer.

Another aspect of the matter is that mobile phones might finally replace GPS units used in everyday situations, as they are considerably more accessible and more comfortable to use and carry. Nokia plans on including dedicated GPS chips which use a satellite signal in order to determine routes. Due to this performance, users will be able to reduce costs for assistive GPS which usually needs a paid plan from the carrier.

Nokia is currently making its plans for the future use of GPS at a large scale. The major problem in this concept is that not all of their handsets have display screens large enough to provide this service at full potential. Taking this into account for future released phone models might mean greater producing prices and not so affordable handsets.

The Finnish company is currently setting a time table for the GPS chipset adoption, so it will be introduced gradually. Until they find solutions for putting this performance in cheaper phone models too, users have to wait or pay a pack of money for the more expensive devices which are also GPS enabled.

By: Elena Balan, Communications News Editor – Softpedia.

I think it’ll be possible but Nokia must find a way to cut manufacturing costs on GPS Phones.GPS is really expensive nowadays so don’t expect that it’ll be added on low-end phones.


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