Nokia 7500 Prism Has Been Unveiled

A long-expected event coming from Nokia

 Nokia has finally announced the future release of their 7500 Prism phone model. The phone has been unveiled during a fashion event in China, where Nokia presented several other phone models which have not been seen until now.

Nokia 7500 is one of the most disputed phone models coming from this company. That is not because of any
exceptional performances, but due to its design. With this phone model, Nokia breaks the traditional line that their phone models were famous for until now with a modern and unique one.

This handset has even drawn a great amount of debates whether it is or not a fake, once the first images have appeared. Its design really breaks the path set until now by previous models with a fresh and unusual one.

The fact that Nokia 7500 is capable of only average performances makes it affordable for a large number of people and this phone concept has high chances of turning into a huge success. The cover is cut into diamond shaped pieces on the entire phone’s cover, even on its back.

This new handset coming from Nokia has a 2-inch QVGA screen capable of rendering up to 1.6 million colors. That is high enough to display images at quite high quality, after they are captured with the 2 megapixel camera. This also has a flash included, just to make sure that the quality of the images is just as high in any conditions.

Nokia 7500 will come with a microSD card slot included and will also allow connectivity with a computer through a USB cable. That is great for good data management and transfer. Moreover, the phone can be charged through the cable, right from the PC.

Nokia 7500 will be available in China starting with the third quarter of this year for the price of 210 euro.

By: Elena Balan, Communications News Editor – Softpedia


One comment

  1. Hi, i was wondering if this white 7500 prism was for sale i have been looking for weeks to find this phone in white and to get it delivered to Ireland.I would love to buy this phone if it is white,comes ith the 3 coloures strips,is prepay and if its vodafone or simfree please write back

    kindest regards,molly

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