Why Stup*d People Shouldn’t Own a PS3.You’ll Refuse to Believe It!

Apparently, people that live in caves can afford to get a PS3 too – science lesson inside.

 If Charles Darwin heard this, he’d have given up trying to understand how nature selects the fittest and all that. While reading the thread below, keep in mind that this is no joke. The guy in question really did this to his PS3. My only question is, how does he expect to get a new one from Sony, having sent this one in?

BluManta of Blu-ray.com, posts the following:

“Yes, my friends ps3 broke.

He came round mine explaining that his PS3 just died for no reason.
I asked him if he used any buggerd games, dvds, or blu-ray. He said no. I asked him if he dropped it etc. No, no no.

So I went round his to have a look. He had put black duct tape over the air vents. All of them.

I said ‘why have you put duct tape over the vents?’

He replys with this:

‘I am really cautious about my ps3. I really look after it. I don’t want dust getting inside it so I covered up the holes to stop dust from getting in.’

I was in tears.”

This is not true. No! I refuse to believe that mankind is going to end up like in that movie, Idiocracy (this must be the fourth time I mention it). How is this possible? Didn’t he at least notice that the thing was getting a little hot? He must have gotten close to it in order to insert a disc, right? So, if he was so careful not to let any dust in, you’d think he’d observe that it was on the verge of melting down.

And you can’t say that this is why third party hardware manufacturers come up with additional cooling systems for gaming consoles, ’cause that’s for people who actually understand that electronics tend to heat up when processing power is at work.

Oh…one more thing. Just so everyone’s on the same level here, Darwin did understand nature perfectly, in the way it allows only the fittest specimens to reproduce themselves and give birth to just-as-good, or even better specimens. The thing is us, humans, learned in time that certain substances and their combinations will result in medicine. Medicine helped mankind control the course of life, thus keeping alive specimens that nature would have normally discarded. Need I go on…?

Not that I’m saying this guy should be discarded… Maybe just slapped!

Source : Filip Truta, Games Editor – Softpedia



  1. ps3

    yeah thats what I ment, i didnt remember the spelling but i did remember the meaning of the psp but i think its a really good and innovativ product or should i say “gameboy 2.0” ? 😉

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