Firefox a.k.a. the Not-Safe-To-Use Browser!

New vulnerability discovered in the application

I thought IE6 was the most vulnerable browser,but not anymore.Don’t panic yet! There are still two safe browsers to choose from(I prefer not to say)!

Security company Secunia reported a new vulnerability in the famous browser Firefox that can allow an attacker to obtain private information about the user. Basically, the exploitation can be conducted through a malicious form that requires users to enter their sensitive details. Although Secunia rated the flaw as “not critical”, you’re encouraged to avoid opening untrusted websites and to write information on unsecure forms. According to the notification, the vulnerability affects Mozilla Firefox but other versions might be affected too.

“Carl Hardwick has discovered a weakness in Firefox, which potentially can be exploited by malicious people to disclose sensitive information. The weakness is caused due to a design error within the focus handling of form fields and can potentially be exploited by changing the focus from a “textarea” field to a “file upload” form field via the “OnKeyDown” event.

Successful exploitation allows an arbitrary file on the user’s system to be uploaded to a malicious web site, but requires that the user is tricked into typing the file name into a “textarea” input form,” Secunia said in the advisory.

This new vulnerability is useful especially for the Firefox competitors, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and the recently-released Apple Safari for Windows. As you might know, Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, said that Safari for Windows is the most powerful browser for this platform because it recorded better loading times than its competitors, managing to improve the browsing experience. However, it was proved that none of the current Internet solutions are 100 percent secure because both Internet Explorer and Safari were involved in security notifications.

As you might know, Mozilla Firefox is the famous application that introduced the tab browsing concept that allows the users to navigate the internet into a single window. After a short period of time, the rivals from Microsoft introduced the same concept in IE 7, the application that is described as the best web-browser ever created.

By: Bogdan Popa, Security and Search Engines Editor – Softpedia News


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