The 1TB DVD Disk Is Here

Throw your HD-DVD / Blu-Ray player away

Have you ever heard of Call/Recall? Well, me neither but in this case you should probably keep their name in your mind. Because if their product turns out to be more than a concept, you’ll be hearing more about them in the near future. Yesterday, the unknown optical disk producer rolled out something called 2 photon disk. In essence this new approach to optical devices could expand the storage space above the 1TB mark.

Actually this type of disk uses something called 3 Dimensional writing. Rather than burning two-dimensional pits (as it is the case with all current forms of optical disks), the photonic writing system creates 3D layers on the disc making it look more like a HDD with more platters. The third axis creates a far higher amount of space due to the fact that pits have more space for user data. According to Call / Recall, a 5.25-inch disk can currently hold 1TB of space which is also about 20 times the storage space offered by a Dual Layer Blu-Ray disk.

Besides the obvious advantage of space, 2 photon disks can also offer more miniaturization since a one-inch disk can hold about 50GB. And just imagine how good it would be to have this amount of space in your cellphone. The manufacturer also claims that the manufacturing process is relatively easy to implement so most manufacturers could use the existing product lines for optical devices. It will just take some time to modify the laser reading system but it is possible to do that.

The manufacturer also claimed that its product is almost ready to enter mass production and that they will come back with a final version in a matter of months. And to make matters even more interesting they said that until this device enters mass production they are also planning to develop a higher capacity disk capable of holding even more than 2TB.

By: Ionut Ciocirlie, Hardware Editor

Source : Softpedia News



  1. In my’ll be probably three times expensive than a blu-ray disc at the time of its release.

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