Nokia, The Greenest Electronics Company

Greenpeace has found Nokia to be greener than Apple, when it comes to showing concern for the environment. Sony has been placed at the lower end of the ranking due to inconsistent takeback policies.

Nokia has been granted this top position due to the fact that it has managed to eliminate chemicals noxious
for the environment. Its grade has been set at 8, the largest in the ranking, while 4 was the mark for lagging Sony.

Greenpeace has made this classification for the month of June only, based on the behaviors that companies have adopted over this time. Other important mobile phone producers, such as Motorola and Samsung, have maintained their position from last month’s ranking, on the fifth and sixth position. LG, another leading telecommunication device manufacturer, has been on a continuous fall over the last few months and now has reached the thirteenth position, just one step behind Sony.

The classification is made by taking into consideration up to what extent electronics companies manage to reflect the demands of the Toxic Tech campaign. In order to reach the highest positions, producers should clean up their products using only safe, non-hazardous substances. Moreover, they have to recycle their products responsibly once they are no longer proper for use.

Greenpeace wishes to be the leader of major developments in the way electronics companies regard the environment as well as how they connect to its resources. With this monthly ranking, they wish to encourage them to be more concerned by the way their activities affect the surroundings.

The guideline is updated every three months, so as to leave enough time for companies to change the direction where their actions are heading towards at a certain time. The guide does not rank companies on labor standards, energy use or any other issues, although it considers them to be important in the production and use of electronic products.

By: Elena Balan, Communications News Editor

Source : Softpedia News


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